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The two stations, at first, reached an impasse but ultimately went on to conduct testing at six different locations based on where WWGA - known as Great Classics General manager of 99X from its inception until May The show continued simply as "On the Edge" following the format change to 99X. Moved to a Susquehanna station in Dallas in before returning to Atlanta in He left in October to run internet media for Cox Communications. Associate producer, traffic reporter, phone screener for the morning shows, charged with "tertiary character casting". Moved to air-staff full-time, working over-nights for several years before switching to mornings following the departure of Steve Barnes.

99x atlanta phone number

Currently heard in middays on WSRV, Hosted a Sunday night free-form music program called Fear of Music during the first few years of 99X. Was dismissed from the station on January 11, following the announcement of the move of Q to He later joined Yvonne Monet in Dallas in on Merge Quit 99X on April 14, , following a dispute with incoming station management about his involvement in the morning show. During the first couple of years of the format, 99X maintained a surprisingly wide playlist, including songs from the previous fifteen years of modern rock radio, almost in the style of college radio. Over the next twenty months, Cumulus continued to support 99X's Modern Rock format, despite a continuing decline in Arbitron ratings. Later renamed The Retroplex with the addition of 90s music to the show. Cumulus allegedly blamed the problems on distance and terrain. Hosted "Sunday School" on Sunday nights, featuring off-the-playlist music. On December 30, , it was rumored that 99X would possibly return to WCJ, as Cumulus reactivated the station's Twitter feed while promoting the hashtag itswhatsnext , as well as activating the new website whatsnextradio. He left the show in the summer of And it's been done again," the station posted on their Facebook account. Did commercial work for the station in the late s, including "Angry Brian" bits. On August 31, , at 6 PM, WCJ unexpectedly began stunting with a ticking clock and a four-minute clip of songs featured on a new active rock format to debut the following day at noon. He died in from complications of pneumonia. Departed 99X in March Featured thirteen consecutive songs, commercial-free. All of this came to a head on Wednesday when the west Georgia station's complaint was granted and the FCC ordered 99X to shut down operations on the airways. The station invited touring acts into the studio to perform usually acoustic sets. Submit From there, the situation once again reached a tipping point as both radio companies released competing reports based off the tests. That station's format and imaging is virtually identical to that of WNNF in Cincinnati, Ohio , which was launched in early June , and also shares the "Journey" moniker. The program included a nightly segment called Mandatory Metallica, featuring a block of Metallica songs. As alluded to in the post, 99x is no stranger to big changes. They also opted to play album tracks that were not necessarily singles, often to the dismay of the major labels and standard marketing strategies.

99x atlanta phone number

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WNNX 99X Atlanta, Georgia - November 23, 1992 - Part 1

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