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There were sheep, cattle and horses to keep our interest. Linda Gayl David Alan. He never complained or made any demands. The farmhouse was serviced by a number of large rainwater tanks and they were all full. Secondly he made a host of friends. They married on 31 March Shortly after this Alan went into semi-retirement. Having time on our hands, we found that we could easily get through the old fence of the Co-Operative which is where all the apples and pears from outlying orchards were brought in for processing and packed into crates ready for market.

Alan toovey

He suffered with Malaria, by this time Alan and Peggy had quite a family. Linda Gayl David Alan. Eventually Alan worked at the Mt Barker Abattoirs where he stayed for 18 years. Like the time when it was very hot! It was my turn again to dive in and I came out of the water over the far side of the tank. Together they sunk dams, cleared the aerodrome at Albany, and cleared the road between Mt Barker and Denmark. During this time tragedy struck again, Alan and Peggy lost a daughter in tragic circumstances. He became indispensable at his job mainly because he was such a great stockman. I think he may have been biased. But he did achieve two very important things. The Old Toovey Farmhouse We found life very enjoyable on the farm. He never complained or made any demands. When Alan was 8 years old his mother died. His father was a contractor with a team of horses. During this time Alan became a great horseman and also a great cricketer, as did his three brothers. Both boys spent six years there. T his life continued until the war broke out and Alan enlisted. Born in Nov Both boys then went to New Guinea. Good friends from all walks of life and all ages. Every Saturday Uncle and Aunty would go into town to the pub for a few drinks. He followed the cricket. Mount Barker enjoyed a very high rainfall and nothing gave us greater pleasure than those wet mornings when the school bus never turned up at our farm gate because of the condition of the roads and we would have the day off. The tank was almost full and only by turning your head on one side could you get your nose above the waterline to breathe. The other children had opened the lid and bolted into the distant paddocks. They had the following children:

Alan toovey

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He became indispensable at his job mainly because he was such a great stockman.

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