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There is only one To the left of these controls is HP's touch-sensitive MediaSmart key, which let us quickly access our photos, music, and video content. Higher scores mean better performance. And, as with most Pavilion notebooks, the touchpad's mirrorlike surface requires too much effort to make fine cursor movements. The perimeter of the system is packed with ports. A pair of mouse buttons provide adequate feedback, but we would've liked more responsiveness.

Altec lansing hp laptop

The perimeter of the system is packed with ports. Lower scores mean better performance. There is only one Notebook HP Pavilion dvt 1. Above the display, the 0. Unlike many other Its mesh design, which surrounds the keyboard and extends upward toward the hinges, blends well with the system's overall look. When we fired up Spore Creature Creator, we were able to construct an odd-looking quadruped that animated fluidly, without any polygon breakups or clipping as it leapt through the environment. Both of these times were longer than the Gateway UCu's marks of 7: Still, we were able to go about our daily activities--listening to Internet radio, checking e-mail, writing documents, surfing the Web with multiple browser tabs open--without a performance hit. But the casual user, who wants a basic machine with satisfying sound, adequate performance, and plenty of style, will find much to like here. As proof of the durability of the finish all we needed was the included cleaning cloth to wipe the notebook clean. The dv4t's viewing angles were extremely tight: By using the same external casing customers get an attractive notebook and HP saves on production costs. Unfortunately, HP doesn't offer a 7,rpm drive for even faster performance on this notebook. Our review unit of the dvt has the following specifications: People on thDe other end reported that we looked fairly good, even in low-light situations. A pair of mouse buttons provide adequate feedback, but we would've liked more responsiveness. Attractive design; Good productivity performance; High-quality Altec Lansing speakers; Responsive touch controls; Fast Wi-Fi throughput The Cons Touchpad has too much friction; Relatively short battery life; Somewhat thick design Verdict This beautiful budget notebook provides good performance for the price. Hard Drive Performance The GB, 5,rpm hard drive booted the bit Windows Vista Home Premium operating system in 59 seconds, which is 2 seconds better than the category average. The keyboard itself is sturdy with only a hint of flex , and we experienced adequate feedback when typing e-mails and URLs. On the right side, you'll find two USB 2. Configurations You can outfit the dv4t with a host of other specs, including Core 2 Duo processors ranging from 2. Our model was Express Black; it is also available in Moonlight White. Keyboard, Touchpad, and Ports The dv4t's keys feature a glossy coating that matches the rest of the notebook's aesthetic, but some may find its slickness problematic. These rates were significantly swifter than the

Altec lansing hp laptop

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While streaming tunes from Slacker, songs with strong bass lines such as Brick's "Dusic" packed a satisfying amount of thump.

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