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This may be from where the legend of St. This was, of course, long before he ran off with Helen, the queen of Sparta, thus causing the outbreak of the Trojan war. Although Agatha, meaning Good, has not achieved the resurgence that other traditional names have in recent times, it made the list because of the shortened version, Aggie, which is adorable. Widely used since the 15th century, it's popular in many English-speaking countries, as well as other parts of the globe. While it has primarily been used as a masculine name for most of its history, in modern times it is mostly considered feminine due to its association with the feminine name Evelina. One of the tortures she underwent was having her breasts removed with pincers, something which has caused her to be taken up as the patron saint of breast cancer suffers. Agatha was a beautiful and wealthy woman from a noble family in Sicily.

Baby names nicknames

This name made the list because of the diminutive, Nate, which is one of those short, snappy names that are suitable for a baby boy or an older man. Nicole Shutterstock A feminine form of the name Nicholas , meaning "victory of the people," Nicole only started gaining traction in the U. While some nicknames for Christopher are standard, such as Chris and Chip, there are some less obvious diminutives that are more modern sounding such as Christos, Kit, Kris, Topher, and Kester. Like its male counterpart, Gabriella is used internationally. This name has a long and slightly complicated history, having morphed over time through different cultures and languages, but can ultimately be traced back to the ancient Hebrew name Yehochanan. Evelyn Shutterstock Evelyn comes from an English last name that was ultimately derived from the Germanic name Avelina. While you could still use Evelyn as a name for a little boy, its nicknames, Evie, Eve, and Lyn, work better for girls. This biblical name is actually the origin of many names that are commonly used today, including John , Jean , Shauna , and Evan. Francisco Shutterstock Francisco is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Francis , so it should be no surprise that the name is most popular in Portugal and Spanish-speaking countries, although it is starting to gain some traction in the United States. Some of its nicknames are fairly straightforward, like Nicki or Nico, but you could also get creative and try variations of the name that come from other languages. There it remained until when Matilda was once again used often enough to crack the top but it is still unusual enough to make it very unlikely for you to bump into another Matilda at the park. There's Penny, which could also be shortened to Pen, and Nelly, which can similarly be shortened to Nel or Nell. Theodore Shutterstock A popular name since ancient times when it was widely used in Greece, it's easy to think of this name as old fashioned, but Theodore is still in the top names for baby boys in the United States. If you like the sound of this stately name, but still can't shake off the feeling that it's outdated, try a more modern sounding nickname like Ted, Teddy, or Theo. While the name is a distinguished and powerful one, it can be a bit formal, especially for a baby, so shorter and cuter nicknames are a must! Jameson Shutterstock Jameson was originally a last name meaning "son of James," but is now also a dignified-sounding first name. Although I always associate Abraham with doddery old men, I am enamored with the shortened version, Abe. In England, it is still given more frequently to boys but in the United States, it has never been popular for boys. Or, of course, you could use Reba. Evolved from the Germanic name Mahthildis meaning "strength in battle," from the elements maht "might, strength" and hild "battle, Matilda has some fantastic nicknames for your mighty little warrior. Although Arch, Archy, Bald, and Baldy are all sweet alternatives, Archie has exploded in popularity across Europe at the same time the name has fallen off of the radar entirely in the United States. Sure, you could go with the obvious abbreviation of the name, Chris, or you could go for a less common nickname such as Christoph, Topher, or Kit. This may be from where the legend of St. It is thought he was the same man as St. With so many people bearing the name, it's a good thing that it comes with some great nickname options.

Baby names nicknames

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Baby Names With Awesome Nicknames

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This name has a long and slightly complicated history, having morphed over time through different cultures and languages, but can ultimately be traced back to the ancient Hebrew name Yehochanan.

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