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Your best bet is to keep training interesting. These come in a variety of styles so make sure you talk to a clerk at the store to get one that is the right size for your dog. The name Basset means "low" and in France it refers to a distinct level of hound by height. Don't allow your Basset Hound to fall into a swimming pool because he can quickly get into trouble. Until he's a year old, discourage your Basset puppy from jumping on and off furniture and going up and down stairs, which puts extra stress on his front legs and back and can injure his joints. It almost goes without saying that a highly active dog will need more than a couch potato dog. Your Basset's long ears need to be checked and cleaned each week to help prevent ear infections. They are very gentle with children and other pets. Hubert strain produced a short-legged or dwarfed hound.

Basset hound baying

Also called bloat or gastric torsion. Hounds of all types typically think for themselves and don't respond well to harsh training techniques. This is a condition in which the gland beneath the third eyelid protrudes and looks rather like a cherry in the corner of the eye. Bassets are naturals at earning tracking, hunt test, and field trial titles, but they've also been known to compete successfully in agility , obedience, and rally, given a patient trainer. A few years later, the breed became even more popular when Alexandra, Princess of Wales, kept Basset Hounds in the royal kennels. Like all hounds, he can be stubborn when it comes to training and responds best to positive methods such as food rewards and food rewards. A very vocal dog, not only barking but also whining and other random communication. They are very gentle with children and other pets. Everyone knows that they bay and understands that they will bay quite a bit and about all kinds of different things. Daily brushing is even better if you want to prevent gum disease and bad breath. Their phenomenal sense of smell is second only to that of the Bloodhound. Your Basset's long ears need to be checked and cleaned each week to help prevent ear infections. Up to 1 foot, 2 inches tall at the shoulder Weight: When hounds get into the water, because of their short legs, they will have difficulties getting out even if there are stairs. The name Basset means "low" and in France it refers to a distinct level of hound by height. Also, take him to obedience class and be sure he responds well to the Come command. There are four grades of patellar luxation, ranging from grade I, an occasional luxation causing temporary lameness in the joint, to grade IV, in which the turning of the tibia is severe and the patella cannot be realigned manually. Some dogs show pain and lameness on one or both rear legs, but you may not notice any signs of discomfort in a dog with hip dysplasia. Some owners have found that they can help ward off problems by taking their Basset Hounds to chiropractors that have experience in working with dogs. Basset Hounds are emotionally sensitive and will shut down if treated roughly. This is an elusive ailment that is sometimes seen in young Basset Hounds. Source Would you ever get a very vocal dog? Begin accustoming your Basset to being brushed and examined when he's a puppy. Also those sonic things that are supposed to keep dogs from barking don't work with them either. Allergies are a common ailment in dogs. Because they originally were bred as pack dogs, they love to be with their families and also do well with other pets. For his efforts in gaining publicity for the Basset Hound in England, Millais is considered to be the "father of the breed" in England.

Basset hound baying

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Basset baying

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The Basset Hound breed standard — a written description of how a breed looks and acts — allows all hound colors, but the most common colors are tri-color tan, black, and white , black and white, brown and white, or red and white. Rosie the Basset Hound doesn't really like the bath either.

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