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Jab We Met A song that stays with you, it will bring back memories whenever you hear it. Agar Tum Saath Ho! Agent Vinod Something about this song just tears us up. Dedicate this romantic song for your boyfriend and he will know your innermost conflicted love. Tweet on Twitter Being bit by the love bug can have some really weird effects on you. Like everything makes so much sense when you are in love. Stay tuned for more Valentine updates! In case you want to add some more to the list, please leave in your comments below!

Bollywood songs to dedicate to your boyfriend

The teenage years when we usually feel love for the first time are so exciting and we want to just somehow explain them out, but not many of us can do it. Make him special today. Dedicate this song to your boyfriend and he will know exactly how greatly and passionately you love him. Kaise Mujhe Tum Movie: Omkara If you are one of those persons who want a song that expresses your everyday plight of wait and the normal monotony without him. Check out the list! Just use this as a perfect song to dedicate to your boyfriend and get full marks for the song selection. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander This yesteryear classic romantic song is a perfect song to dedicate to the first love of your life. Hope you like our list of songs! This will also make for a perfect dedication song for crush. The most striking thing that happens to everyone is love is, You suddenly start finding all the love songs so meaningful. This can never go wrong. We bring you 14 romantic songs that will make you guys fall in love again! Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye.. But all the articles are written by us and we own them. We hereby inform you, that we are the not owner of any of the products or images displaying on our website. Rockstar For a soulful melody that strikes just the chords you want. Sending oodles of love to all of you …. Love is timeless, love is beautiful and sometimes, love is possessive. With some really meaningful lyrics this song is an absolute must listen for every couple in love even if you do not want to dedicate it. A wonderful choice of song for the dedication. If he is already not tired with your number of calls to him per day, express your love with this song! This song has been around since we can remember and has such a soulful almost hypnotic feel this song has on everyone. This song is sure to touch his heart! Go ahead and give it a shot, It will still melt your heart.

Bollywood songs to dedicate to your boyfriend

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Kehna Hi Kya (The Unwind Mix) by Hamsika Iyer

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