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These are just a few of them. You can probably easily entice them with wine, but then they just fall asleep immediately afterwards. You think you are more qualified than the actual, licensed person you're married to. By then, the kids are almost asleep and they're so tired from their day at work that they're ready for bed as well. Most nurses work hour shifts, which is really like a hour shift on an easy day. When they give you a task, you don't complete it as quickly as they could have, or as well as they could have for that matter. It's as if half-listening to every explanation of every disease process qualifies you with some sort of fantasy medical degree. There are a lot of reasons us mothers know that labor and delivery nurses rock, such as: The goal of this committee of dedicated nurses was to honor their colleagues and to increase awareness of nursing as a profession.

Buzzfeed nurses

They are either gone or going out the door when you wake up, or they work the night shift and you're left crawling into bed all by yourself. Thinkstock I have a very clear and vivid memory of the labor and delivery nurse that helped me deliver my first daughter. They are tired on the days that they work, and it takes them a few days to recoup. You're either a big baby who can't handle a little cold, or you have the swine flu because you went against their wishes and didn't get the flu shot this year. They handle bodily fluids like a pro. You feel like a single parent on the days that they work. They are baby whisperers. You might cover your ears and you probably say "I don't want to know! They want to pop or puncture anything suspicious on your body. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Like Adventures of a Labor Nurse on Facebook. It's like some sort of sick fetish By then, the kids are almost asleep and they're so tired from their day at work that they're ready for bed as well. Your daughter is using industrial-strength nail polish remover for surgery cases to remove her Piggy Paint. Much like mothers, labor and delivery nurses exude both gentleness and strength. It's like you never know who you're going to get He was like "what the hell is this?!? Click here for additional information. Hopefully they don't work three days in a row, or else you can kiss that fourth day goodbye, because they're pretty much useless after that. They totally don't understand that most normal people can't simultaneously prioritize and a do a hundred different things at once, completing any given assignment quickly and efficiently. You either need to suck it up or you're moments away from knocking on death's door. Birth and babies just never stop being amazing. Their swaddling skills are strong. Since the first ceremony in , Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement has honored hundreds of nurses, promoting nurses and their contribution to healthcare. They're so good at multitasking, they make you look completely incompetent. God help our poor spouses! Or they'll full of emotion from loving life because of something that happened at work and they'll want to be really sweet.

Buzzfeed nurses

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Nurses Are Furious After "The View" Made Fun Of Their Profession ft. David So

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