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The quiet, magical life of witch sisters Rowan and Holly is changed forever when they take the forbidden step of transforming a toad into a man.  This one illicit act leads to another ill-advised spell and eventually a deadly confrontation with their fairy godmother.


This fast-paced romantic comedy with a supernatural twist is a perfect way to celebrate the spookiest season.  From the writer/director of Creatures of the Night comes another story of things better left to the dark.


Rowan                     Bridget Kathleen

Holly                            Erika Johnson

Teddy                         Myles Martinez

Barry                              Jay Overton

Leah                             Abbey Storch

Lancelot                     William Razavi


HEX is now available at Amazon.com!!!  This volume includes two versions of the play - the version performed in San Antonio, TX at The Overtime Theater, and the unperformed "Beverly" version, which was the original concept. Buy the one volume and get both versions!

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