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Pudding Someone with a personality as smooth as pudding can wear this name proudly. Snake Someone who very sneaky may be called Snake. Jet Someone who is always jetting around from place to place, not staying in one place for too long. Stop trying to figure out why. Tinkerbell — We all remember that tiny fairy in Peter Pan?

Callsign for friends list

It can also be used on someone who is really fast at running. Boss Boss is reserved for those friends of yours that know how to take charge. Peach Peach is perfect for someone with a bright attitude and seems to always be positive. Ritzy Someone who lives a very flashy lifestyle may be called Ritzy. You can also call someone who has scars Tiger, as tiger stripes and scars are usually correlated. List of Nicknames For Female Best Friends and Meanings Here are a couple of cute nicknames for female bestfriends, we hope you can find one for your female bestie: Jet Someone who is always jetting around from place to place, not staying in one place for too long. Twinkle Toes Someone who is swift on their feet, or is a dancer, usually ballet may have this name selected for them. Dude A name that is commonly used between friends, both male and female, but is technically a male term. It is used commonly among people who are fond of one another. Monkey Someone who is hyperactive and cannot sit still for long can be named Monkey. Or it can be used to describe someone who has good precision. They light the way and the friend who receives this name should do the same. Razor Razor is a great nickname for those who has sharp reflexes or a sharp attitude. Smiles Do you have a friend that never stops smiling? Renegade Renegade can be dawned on to someone who follows their own rules. They always seem to want to crack jokes and play games. Sparky Someone with a sparkling personality may be called Sparky. Call them Smiles from now on. This can also be a good idea if your first name is difficult to pronounce or very long, and if your surname is simple. Diamond — She shines bright, and she remains second to none. Pole A very tall, skinny person. The refined kind too. The name could also be used to describe someone who shares similar traits with the cartoon character Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. If you need more nicknames for your female best friend, check out the following articles: This is a great nickname for her.

Callsign for friends list

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Whether they are cross eyed or have two different colored eyes. If you have a friend as delicate as that, go ahead and call her Bambi.

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