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Alone now, he can't fix the past. We have a long list below to get you started. There's nothing so practical as a dream, well-formed. Celebrate the value of dreams and dreaming with a playlist of pop, rock, and country songs about them. Did it tiptoe to you in your sleep? And how come it's so hard?

Country song sweet

In his mind, he travels back down the road and considers all the mistakes he made. Taylor Swift's narrator describes a romantic rendezvous with a handsome lover in this song. Whenever he misses her—day or night—his dreams make it seem like she's almost right by his side. English, Arrernte dialogue Official Site: Rather than seeking a family with 2. It was just a defunct gas station to me. Also in Toronto Film Festival — Platform. Alone now, he can't fix the past. The trouble is that his strategy will only keep him satisfied for so long. And how come it's so hard? She thus retreats to the world of sleep they can be together, if only fleetingly. Bryan White From the album: The democratic decency with which he treats his black station workers makes the aforementioned preacher, Fred Smith Neill , something of a local outlier. Rather than a pretender, she wants the real deal, someone who will be accepting, uplifting, and understanding of her needs. YES, if you're fortunate enough. Every invention, discovery, creative masterpiece, and impossible accomplishment started as an idea then blossomed from there. Scorched but rustling with life, painted with a rough-bristled brush in streaks of ochre, its vast expanse means different things to different people. But dreams are also small business start-ups, college degrees, and marrying the right person. Later, in bullying pursuit of scrappy half-caste child laborer Philomac jointly played by twins Tremayne and Trevon Doolan , an aggressive confrontation with Kelly lands March a fatal shotgun bullet in the neck. More Reviews Film Review: But stick with us, because these are some seriously amazing songs to consider. A particularly elegant system of sharp, glitching flashbacks and flash-forwards portends the fates of assorted peripheral characters, suggesting the latent violence progressively poisoning two opposed communities. And on top of all this, she's seeking a forever commitment. That was somebody's life dream. Director, camera color, widescreen:

Country song sweet

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All the while, the usual moral weights and stakes of the genre are redistributed:

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