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Most people choose to replace the tires of their vehicle with the same ones that were fitted on it when they bought the car. I don't mind the wait when I see my cars done right! Very fair pricing and got me in and out in no time. These guys are professional! They're simply the best in the metroplex and I will never go to any other shop as long as they're around! They've truly gone above and beyond. Mj Odeh I took one of our company's fleet trucks over to have them fix a problem that 2 other mechanics could not repair properly.

Cowboys rims and tires

No matter your needs, talk to our professionals to determine your best custom wheel options. Enhance your ride with custom wheels. With Cowboys Customs they are the authority on lifts kits. These guys went above and beyond to make sure my car was back on the road again!! Heavier than aluminum, these wheels are perfect for off-road driving and heavy-duty work. They found the problem quickly, they communicated well what was wrong, and I had a very reasonably priced repair. Don't waste your time or money going anywhere else. Walter Jenkins Got four brand new tires, break pads, and rotors for less than half the price I found at other places. They got the proper tools, and they did a 4 wheel alignment right after. Affordable prices, honest, dependable, perfect detail, truly epic service! I appreciate the good business guys, keep it up Ab Afify I will always take my car to these guys as long as they keep doing what they're doing. Brian Ha I took my vehicle here because the previous mechanic couldnt figure out the issue. I can safely call them family with the way that they treat me. Different types of vehicles require different tires, with the most common choices being cars, SUVs and truck tires. They also make your ride look cool and come in a finish that's right for you. They're simply the best in the metroplex and I will never go to any other shop as long as they're around! I can't count the times they've went way out of their way just to satisfy my picky needs. Give us a call and let our experts guide you to custom wheels to improve your car's looks and your driving experience. Light-weight and strong, these wheels improve performance, handling, and gas mileage. I will be back. They attend to my needs like no other shop does. They had it done in one day and they warranty their work. I highly recommend this place. Feel free to ask one of our professionals which finish best suits your needs. Besides the width of the tires, look for aspect ratio, load rating, rim diameter and speed rating.

Cowboys rims and tires

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EP. 4 ITALERI Fiat Iveco 190 "Cowboy" build. THE BEGINNERS TUTORIAL

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For all your automotive needs, stop by Cowboy!

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