Creatures of the Night

Every darkness has

its monsters...

and its heros.

Creatures of the Night is a noir-style mystery that follows a private eye as she tries to navigate the maze of torments inflicted on her and her allies as they face the very real monsters in their midst.


We meet Detectives Valentine and Dandy at their usual coffee shop haunt and the play introduces us to the other people who populate their world as that world turns ever darker.


Annabelle Valentine, PI           Sarah Nixon Hemmi

Mike Dandy, PI                          Miguel Di Costanzo

Joe                                                     Jay Overton

Adele Dixon                                      Abbey Storch

Piper Prudeaux                  Deborah Basham-Burns

Lt. Jefferson Thomas                       Justin Keown

Aurore Clement                               Laura Epstein

Irene Lerad                               Cristina Rodriguez

Laura Felds                             Michele Wisniewski

Jessup                                      Chelsea Robertson

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