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Revel in deluxe accommodations, dine at Chez Philippe, sip on a bottle of champagne and snuggle up for a horse-drawn carriage ride. A couple who met and bonded while slurping down an orange slush at Wiles-Smith drugstore might be more "stimulated" by BLTs served on a Formica counter than sipping a robust Chianti in the darkest corner of Le Chardonnay or savoring the finest, freshest dishes at Encore or Chez Philippe. So what could be more romantic than hailing a horse-drawn carriage on Beale Street and telling the coachman, "To The Inn at Hunt Phelan, James, and make it snappy"? Everything on the menu is angel food. Try the inventive menus at book stores and antique malls for an intelligent new twist to double dating.

Date ideas memphis tn

Dance the night away under the stars as a live band plays your favorite song and the glowing city of Memphis acts as your background. The salad and sandwich menu, served Tuesday through Saturday, is equally appealing: Who could refuse an evening in paradise? Take in the sights as you sail down the Mississippi River on a romantic Dinner Cruise. Memphis Event Calendar Romantic Date Ideas in Memphis Stroll down the streets of Memphis hand-in-hand with your loved one, and discover the more romantic side to this musical city. It's a place where earthy delights such as mashed potatoes are made heavenly with brie and the humble pork chop is ennobled with fragrant coriander. Whose sensual self wouldn't be revealed in the presence of quail roasted with pine nuts, currants, and cassis or a beef filet topped with a smoked-mushroom bordelaise? Give the gift of boxed chocolates or truffles, fudge or brittles. Whether you've been together for who-knows-how-many years or at the start of something wonderful, you've still got to eat. Located near Beale Street, with many restaurants, theaters and entertainment venues within walking distance, Talbot Heirs offers guests a unique stay in rooms that are as original, authentic and spirited as Memphis itself. Its gorgeous Victorian exterior cloaks the decadently modern interiors like chocolate covers jelly. Mike, a bartender for two years at Gill's, says that you can't go wrong with a classic Cosmopolitan, though he adds that a good whiskey and Coke will always warm you up in the winter. Revel in deluxe accommodations, dine at Chez Philippe, sip on a bottle of champagne and snuggle up for a horse-drawn carriage ride. The asiago cheese and artichoke dip is served piping hot with warm pita chips, a satisfying complement to the restaurant's tomato bleu-cheese soup, made fresh every day. Let the live music or poetry readings set a romantic background atmosphere. This three-hour spa experience includes a one-hour relaxation massage, the Murad signature facial, a pure Fiji manicure and lunch. This quirky hotel is small and privately owned, with individualized, spacious suites and luxurious accommodations. If dinner seems too much too soon at this point, meet for cocktails. Plenty of bars and clubs make for a fun date night out, but why not try something a little different? It's about togetherness, first and foremost -- a shared experience that can enhance whatever other factors come into play. It's a strategy that's paved the way for many relationships. Who wouldn't feel like Cinderella and Prince Charming climbing down from their coach beneath Hunt Phelan's majestic columns? Comments It's date night. Whether you are with a new flame or rekindling the fire, try some of these romantic date night ideas for a memorable night. Feeling literary in East Memphis?

Date ideas memphis tn

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10 FUN AND iNEXPENSIVE SUMMER DATE iDEAS (ft Parker and Cameron)

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Give the gift of boxed chocolates or truffles, fudge or brittles. This too is something akin to heaven.

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