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Do you ask them then? You're still shedding virus. It's not usually very troublesome. Basically about four years ago I got diagnosed with oral herpes, HSV1. If a condom is used, can we have oral sex and not risk getting herpes?

Dating someone with oral herpes

You are in the unfortunate position of being caught in all of this confusion, with doctors telling you to chillax, but you giving your partners terrible outbreaks, and never having an outbreak yourself. They took me off and there was no more cross reactivity. And all because he was responsible enough to get himself tested. Given that record, and that the majority of people might have it, and that in New Zealand people don't generally get tested for it so they have no idea , I've picked up the assumption that it's actually one of those things you bring up if you DON'T have it and would like to stay that way. Which was a problem. Can it be transferred through oral sex? My sense is that the vast majority of people already have oral herpes and don't think of it as something that needs to be mentioned in connection with sexual health. I have a good friend who dated someone who had oral herpes, who warned him before they kissed. However, the possibility of contracting herpes still lingers in terms of things intended to be put in the mouth, like drinking from the same drinking bottle and sipping from the same straw or eating from the same fork. Some people don't know they have it, some get a single breakout and then no more. It's not usually very troublesome. Before the first kiss? Can I get herpes from potentially infected surfaces? It wasn't a problem at all. There is also HSV2 which can occur orally but more usually genitally. So for the next two months I went to an immunologist who had me on valtrex because he was having a hard time telling whether I was also positive for HSV2 or whether it was just a cross reactive thing. What is Oral Herpes? But what I read in the comics echoes a lot of the same things you're going through so it may be comforting in a way. It is an infection of the mouth, lips, gums, tongue, inside the cheeks, and even the face and neck, due to the type 1 herpes simplex virus HSV Do I stop performing oral sex? You had one primary outbreak when you were tiny and have never had one since, just like most people. In my case, my ex and I suffered from a huge lack of information -- he didn't know that he had HSV, and I didn't know that I didn't. Personally, I tend to think it's optimal for both partners to get a basic slate of STD tests before any mouth-to-genital or genital-to-genital contact. Anyone who's worried about being infected will ask, and the OP will tell them. The situation was probably as scarring for you as it was for your ex, and I'm glad you're starting to get over it a little bit.

Dating someone with oral herpes

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Guru Talk: Would You Continue To Date A Person With Herpes?

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If a new partner doesn't ask about it, I don't think it's reasonable to expect him to take on the burden of educating them about HSV-1 on the off-chance they are still uninfected. But oftentimes, honesty earns a deeper and more awesome relationship than anything else.

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