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This is about being able to confront the truth so you can accept it and protect yourself. They are the way they are. If Friday nights are reserved for date night with your spouse let your in-laws know they're not welcome to drop by. Think about the times that work best for you, when you know you can tolerate your in-laws and the things they do and have them over then. People who intentionally hurt others or exert control over others with emotional manipulation, do so because they feel good having any kind of empowerment. Make the solutions always from love, and if you give them the proper ways to help you, they will gladly take you up on them, to the best of their abilities. Because, like a punching bag, they know you will come back again just as nice or trying harder.

Dealing with inlaws who don t like you

If you are hosting a family dinner and do not want your mother-in-law bringing platefuls of food, let her know you will be the chef for the evening. Your spouse can feel forced into the middle of something they are hurt by, just as much as you. So in other words, you must not cater to the hate by feeling wounded and fighting it. So for the sake of being the most empowered in this situation — treat this as a family issue. Desiring a picture perfect family with the in-laws may not be what actually happens. You feel like a stupid idiot. You may end up just having to agree to disagree and do the best you can to move forward. Build the right system to get as much of the love and family experiences you possibly can — because life is short, you are smart and you can choose to change the course if you use your own power. However, if there are things that absolutely bother you bring it up to them calmly and let them know you won't stand for it. As soon as the wedding is over, the disagreements may end, or they may make their way into your marriage and completely ruin your happy home. Don't allow your in-laws to make you feel guilty for needing quality time to yourself! Come from love, expect nothing, and you will know yourself in a profoundly freeing way. Don't take things personally. If you don't receive something, it doesn't exist for you at all — and whether or not you receive something is up to you. Your best approach with your partner is humor and honesty and open communication. And how sad that is, for them. Maybe they have set up a style of relating to you that allows them to be the center of focus —creating awkward and, by your standards, inappropriate situations. Their unrealistic expectations extend to who their kids choose as a mate, therefore, you becoming a part of their life is similar to a robbery or a personal attack. With so many people all together at one time, you still need to think about the health of your mind and body. If they are intolerant of you, they are intolerant of themselves. Feel sorry for them. Politely, but firmly state your objection and leave the dinner table if they won't respect your wishes. If Friday nights are reserved for date night with your spouse let your in-laws know they're not welcome to drop by. To get them to understand why and how they can help you, communicate with compassion. Lame, unkind, and petty — but a tiny kingdom exists when a person has no real power.

Dealing with inlaws who don t like you

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How to deal with difficult in-laws.

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