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On the other hand the original series did it very well with the immortal and immoral Harry Mudd, as well as the somewhat more benevolent Cyrano Jones. Gonff, the Mousethief, from the Redwall novel "Mossflower" is decidedly one of these. Frank Skeffington in The Last Hurrah is a crooked big-city machine politician who is nonetheless beloved by his constituents and not because he is fooling them - they know how he works, and they don't care. Blank and dull, her amethyst eyes stared past them and through the rain-streaked window offsetting the couple. But he also scams people to keep his best friend from looking bad Ilmar the Slick in Sergey Lukyanenko 's Seekers of the Sky duology is a thief, a grave robber, and a murderer although in this world's mythology he hasn't yet committed the "mortal sin" of killing a dozen. After you wash your mouth and learn to talk and act decent, I might cool off, too. He has quite a reputation. I know better now.

Define roguishly

Tom Sawyer commits petty misdemeanor after petty misdemeanor but generally gets a pass because he's such a charming little rascal. Newkirk from Hogan's Heroes , pickpocket and card-cheater. He's also a devout follower of one of the two Churches of this world the one more concerned with redemption and forgiveness than punishment and will often donate sacred texts found in abandoned temples to the Church. Good thing he only uses his skills on the Nazis. And wrongfully arrested for essentially doing the police department's job for them. They're all charismatic in their own way, and everyone hates Asshole Victim Terry Benedict anyway. Explain why you think that. Northenio, however, seemed expectant of an answer. Daario is a mercenary with wit, charm and a very badass demeanour. He has a strong loyalty to his three co-conspirators; also, much of his story takes place in a quite brutal penal colony - and of course, in this situation the reader tends to side with the prisoner against the guards. As a vampire, he has a slightly different morality system from humans, but he does try to minimize the damage he causes. And we did invent the deep-fried stoat , that must count for something. He ended up using his skills for legal purposes as an insurance investigator. The new miniseries subverts the expectations even more harshly; he apparently drove at least two people to suicide, and one innocent to prison, since he failed to realize that banks themselves would never admit mistakes on their part. He was considerably less lovable in The Third Man. According to the presenters of Top Gear and The Grand Tour , anyone who drives a Jaguar can do mildly despicable things but get away with it. Bad Tom of The Traitor Son Cycle is very deserving of his nickname - he's a scroundel and a man you definitely don't want to meet in a dark alley - but he's unflinchingly loyal to the Red Knight and saves the day more than once. I refuse to be boyish, roguish and charmin '. And what about the snail-rustling , Rob? He delivered a great design. He constantly defies his noble superiors and authorities including his own father , leading to many memorable moments such as slapping and talking down to Joffrey and an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech in "The Mountain and the Viper". Ranald, a trickster , patron of thieves and liars, and believed to be an ascended human like Sigmar. Even the cop who's after him has a soft spot for the guy. Hellooo, he's Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood fame, pleased to make your acquaintance. The Next Generation tried to pull one of these off in a second season episode, " The Outrageous Okona ". As for Zephine, she had conquered Fameuil by her roguish and caressing little way of saying "Yes, sir. Although he's initially a thorn in the heroes' side when they're on Sakaar, he chooses to fight with them during the Final Battle and saves his fellow Asgardians from Hela's deadly wrath.

Define roguishly

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She was really but a child, fresh, vivacious and aloof; it seemed that she always shook off every unpleasant thought with a liveliness that was, at once, charming, ingenuous and roguish.

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