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While I walk in the forest, I love to think about all kinds of things and ideas. I tend to be specific and literal. I desire achievement and accomplishement. I prefer to know what I am getting into. When I walk in the forest, I love to smell the woods and the feel the breeze on my face. I fall in love with new ideas and concepts for their own sake. I am good at speculating about all the various options. I like new ideas when they have practical applications.

Determine your personality type

Perceiving You'll also receive information about your four-letter personality type. I am mainly interested in human relationships. Your results will then list 2 or more personality types for you to read over and consider. I derive satisfaction from starting projects. I act first, then think. My work efforts are on-and-off. I like my desk to be neat and organized. I am process-oriented and am especially interested in how the task will be accomplished. I am comfortable leaving my options open. This assessment is based on the scientifically validated TypeFinder personality test, however it is a research version. I think first, then act. My desk may seem disorganized at times, but I can always find what I am looking for. Because it is an assessment in development it cannot always accurately determine your personality type, particularly if you have some areas which are borderline. How Accurate is It? I am mainly interested in things other than human relationships. I trust facts, concrete examples and proof. I think things inside my head. I like to follow a practical approach. I am caring, compassionate and tender. I am good at speculating about all the various options. My work efforts are steady and sustained. I desire to be appreciated. I am product-oriented and want to get the job done. I work out ideas with others' input. I trust inspiration, insights, ideas and hunches. To take the assessment, choose the option that most accurately describes how you are. I derive satisfaction from finishing projects.

Determine your personality type

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7 Photos To Test Your Personality #2

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The gym and library are great places to interact with people.

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