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One of the great attractions of Greenwich, and my house especially, is its proximity to beautiful parks and walking tracks that will take you all around the harbour foreshore. There is no visual contact between the upper level and the lower level. The best thing about this room is that there is a door compliant 'child safe', self-closing and lockable from the bathroom that exits directly onto the pool area. There is unrestricted free street parking. The beds available inside are 3 queen beds, 2 single beds, 1 small folding bed suitable for a child under 12 and an infant's travel cot. Nearby Lane Cove is a major bus transport hub and has supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars and a pub.

East killara

The shops and restaurants of Crows Nest and Lane Cove are nearby and can be reached in minutes by car or bus or, for the more active, on foot. A real gem of a house. There is unrestricted free street parking. Just read the summary and view the floor plan in the photos. It's "like being in a luxurious cave" and "a great place to lock yourself away for a month and write a novel". This stairwell is not used when guests are in residence and it is enclosed by acoustic curtains to minimise sound transmission. This room also has its own separate entrance, so you can come and go without disturbing anyone else. In the day time you might encounter beautiful big lizards - water dragons, goannas, blue tongues and frill necks - but only if it's a sunny day and they don't scamper off at your approach. Kids feel safe and secure knowing their parents are within earshot. Please pay attention to the parameters and consider whether this arrangement is going to work for your group. The view, proximity to city 6. You can arrive and just drop your bags and relax. It feels secluded and private, yet you're just 6. There are many local parks with children's play equipment and outdoor training facilities the best is at the bottom of my garden and tennis courts for hire. You'll know, with confidence, that there's plenty of stuff for breakfast in the fridge, snacks aplenty to stave off hunger pains and that everything will be clean and functional. We are surrounded by wildlife. The toilet is behind a separate door in the bathroom, so it's very private. This beautiful retreat is surrounded by rare urban rainforest above a park on the shores of Sydney Harbour. In the daytime you'll get to meet, and perhaps feed, our big fat Kookaburras, brightly coloured Lorikeets and, if you're super lucky, a Lyrebird. There is a limit of 3 guests and 2 beds in any room. And yes, of course there's WiFi, cable TV and parking. So if you like an early morning dip, it's ideal. Please do not bring more than one vehicle on site at any time. Clothes line in courtyard. It really is the best of both worlds - close to city but clean, safe and spectacularly beautiful. The maximum number of adults that can be accommodated is 8. Please make this request when you book and the additional bed fee will be collected via the Resolution Centre.

East killara

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72 Springdale Road Killara

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The beds available inside are 3 queen beds, 2 single beds, 1 small folding bed suitable for a child under 12 and an infant's travel cot.

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