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If the results of the test indicate an autism spectrum disorder, a comprehensive evaluation may lead to the diagnosis of HFA. It is also likely that Bill Gates has many Asperger's traits. The student may not remember to deliver the note or may lose it before reaching home. These students seem to have either the neatest or the messiest desks or lockers in the school. They need mentors who can teach them a field that will be beneficial to their future.

Extremely high functioning autism

People at this level require the most support, including full-time aides or intensive therapy in some cases. Educators need to become aware that intellectually satisfying work makes life meaningful. When I learned drafting for doing my design work, it took time to train my visual mind to make the connection between the symbolic lines on a layout drawing and an actual building. Most individuals with autism have difficulty reading facial expressions and interpreting "body language. I often get asked, "How does one find mentors? Instead, a doctor or psychologist will spend a lot of time talking to someone and observing their behaviors to get a better idea of their: I ordered through gritted teeth and snatched my food from the poor cashier, stalking out in silence. Some may eventually acquire abstract skills, but others never will. Baron-Cohen described three brilliant cases of Asperger's Syndrome. If the results of the test indicate an autism spectrum disorder, a comprehensive evaluation may lead to the diagnosis of HFA. To me, Shakespeare lives if we keep performing his plays. The nonprofit organization Autism Speaks has a tool that can help you find resources in your state. However, many children, and even some adults, may not be diagnosed until much later. I stood on the opposite side of the road staring at the closed shop for so long that passersby began to look at me as if I was a bit strange. Many other high-functioning autistic individuals have used their focus on mathematics, biology or writing to inspire successful careers. The second social interaction type is a passive style. Pictures are my real thoughts, and language acts as a narrator. Researchers who have studied chess players state that the really good chess players have to spend time inputting chess patterns into their brains. But people using this term are likely referring to something similar to level 1 ASD. An article in Time Magazine compared me to Mr. People with autism have problems with abstract and conceptual thinking. The destruction of books upset me because "thoughts died. Sometimes youth are considered shy, quirky or socially awkward when they are truly dealing with autism and in need of counseling services to help them learn social rules, as the problems with interacting with others usually stem from a lack of understanding appropriate behavior with peers. At this point, my language narrator says, "I figured out how to do it. It is essential that talented children labeled either high functioning autism or Asperger's be trained in fields such as computer programming, where they can do intellectually satisfying work. Most have extreme difficulty reading the reactions of others. There is evidence that high functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome have a strong genetic basis.

Extremely high functioning autism

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High Functioning Autism, Asperger's syndrome - employment

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Potential ASD treatments include: They need mentors who are computer programmers, artists, draftsmen, etc.

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