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In the company responded to customer requests and began bottling essential oils for resale, and a year after that Frontier began selling products from other manufacturers, again at the behest of customers. Herbfest was also discontinued, no longer deemed necessary by the new management team. A botanical garden was created on the company's Norway acreage in He was replaced on an interim basis by Tony Bedard, who had been with Frontier since Some members were also upset when herb researchers were fired and their research gardens mowed over to allow for warehouse expansion.

Frontier coop iowa

Soon, employees were being hired and, having outgrown the cabin, the business was moved to the basement of Cedar Rapids' Good News General Store Co-op. One of her tasks was ordering the co-op's herbs and spices. In the company turned its attention to processing, introducing cryogenic grinding to help preserve product quality. Moreover, the project promoted alternative herbs as a way to protect the goldenseal population. In October he sold the Simply Organic boxed dinner product line to Annie's Homegrown, a Massachusetts company, but retained the Simply Organic bottled spice, seasoning mix, and flavor lines. To meet demand, Frontier had to lease more space in Fairfax as well as erect portable buildings. Seeing little opportunity to break into the Iowa market, they drove around Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan to visit local food cooperatives in hopes of drumming up customers. The allure of food cooperatives had dimmed with the years, so that by the mids far more were shutting their doors as were opening them. Simply Organic was launched in April , but it was rushed to market and Frontier lacked the financial resources to stick to the plan when cash flow failed to meet expectations. The company manufactures products, sources agricultural products from around the world, and distributes the products of other companies. To do so, the company bought another 46 acres of adjacent land to add 5, square feet of space in and nearly 20, square feet a year later. Frontier Incorporated as Co-Operative: He began bringing home the warehouse's large bags of herbs and spices, and on their kitchen table he and Colleen bagged them into smaller quantities and labeled them. In , Frontier bought 68 acres of land in Meigs County, Ohio, part of the state's Appalachian region, and started the National Center for the Preservation of Medicinal Herbs to conduct research on the way to cultivate native herbs, many of which were at risk of over-harvesting. A year later, the company opened the Frontier Research Farm to develop new ways to conduct organic farming. Sales continued to build, fueled in part by an expansion in what Frontier had to offer. The first of these partners was an Indian vanilla supplier. Because of its proximity to Norway, the company hoped to expand the Aura Cacia business by taking advantage of the main facility's research and development and other resources. Soon after that, a day-care center was opened for employees. Some of that space would be needed because of the introduction of a line of package spices, again in keeping with the requests of customers. While Rick was a student at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, they belonged to an area food cooperative, where Colleen worked on a volunteer basis. On other fronts in the mids, Frontier began hosting an August conference each year, starting in , called Herbfest, a three-day event which attracted over a 1, people, who participated in seminars conducted by experts in herbs and spices and the natural living lifestyle, and also included farm tours, herb walks, and entertainment. In keeping with its family-friendly philosophy, Herbfest also included specialized activities for children. In Frontier moved its Aura Cacia operation from California to Urbana, Iowa, making use of the old coffee roasting facility, which had been used for storage since the divestiture of the coffee business. To help raise capital to fund this effort Frontier sold its organic coffee brand to Vermont's Green Mountain Coffee Inc. This business would soon be supplemented by the acquisition of a company that sold natural coffee filters.

Frontier coop iowa

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To help raise capital to fund this effort Frontier sold its organic coffee brand to Vermont's Green Mountain Coffee Inc. Frontier launched the Goldenseal Project in , its purpose to encourage the cultivation of goldenseal in order to prevent over-harvesting of the herb in the wild.

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