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If he wants a truth, text him a question and hope he gives you an honest response. Thankfully there are a host of texting games you can play instead of all those modern mobile games. Invent a story over texting. However, the game can get a little repetitive after a while. Text a word to your friend that fits into the category. List Builder We all build lists. Word Building This is another word game that will help to keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Fun games texting

It has evolved and replaced actual one-on-one voice conversations. You can vary the rules by setting a time limit, a point scale or a number of guesses. Your opponent should fill in the blank. If it is correct, text back by replacing the correct underscore with the letter. Texting in not just related to conveying messages. If he wants a truth, text him a question and hope he gives you an honest response. You'll feel even closer while playing fun texting games with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Ask your friend if he wants a truth or a dare. Options to each question should have equal weightage to know your partner's true intentions. With characters at a time, you can have a fun back-and-forth between you and a friend or family member. Your opponent should reply with which person he would kiss, marry and kill. Invent a story over texting. Here are some key terms you need to be aware of. Or changing the question entirely. With this game, the object is to keep your friend guessing where you are. The first person with no points left loses the game. Your opponent starts by texting you a letter. Variations include giving more than just the first letter of each word, and abbreviating something other than your current activity. Never Have I Ever Texting puts a new twist to this popular party game. You text the first word and have your friend create a word using the letters in your word. Create a point system with one guess per try. Slowly but surely, the two of you build a story over the course of several texts. You could also change it to Who Am I With? Funny Pics Choosing a category, take turns finding funny pics or memes on the internet. Variations include going through the alphabet one letter at a time, or requiring the next answer to start with the same letter the last answer ended with. The first person to answer 10 right without looking up answers wins. Did you know you there are games to play over text?

Fun games texting

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Texting games to play when you are bored

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Distance and time have nothing to do with two people wanting to connect, and texting has become an integral part of communication.

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