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He believes entirely in his mother's stories about Peter Pan. Norbert's Other characters Mermaids look typically as you would imagine, a fish tail for legs and a shell bikini and shells in their hair. In July , at age 13, Sumpter was selected for the role of Peter Pan. She has striking green eyes and golden brown hair. It ate Hook's missing hand when Peter cut it from him in battle, and longs for the rest of him. Sumpter spent the summer of in Oregon filming the teen comedy The Sasquatch Gang a. Sumpter did nearly all of his stunts for the film himself. Her relationships with Peter, George Darling, Tinker Bell, and the mermaids are all consistent with her being Wendy's mother, a conclusion confirmed in the forthcoming Peter and the Sword of Mercy. He is called to serve in the British military at the beginning of Return to Never Land, and returns at the end of the film.

Guy from peter pan

She responds to George's maturity compared to Peter, and treats him with greater respect. It ate Hook's missing hand when Peter cut it from him in battle, and longs for the rest of him. They are jealous of Wendy as Peter likes her better than them. Norbert's Home For Wayward Boys. Mollusk tribe - The Indians in the Starcatcher books. In Barrie's original story, Peter flies away with Margaret and "thus it will go on," meaning Peter will come for each of Wendy's female descendants when they are young, and he never grows up. Like most fairies he's conceited and self-centered, but he's a devoted friend to the lost boy Slightly. Sumpter grew several inches while in the film's production, requiring staging tricks to retain Captain Hook 's height advantage over Peter in face-to-face scenes late in the process. She is Wendy Darling , grown up, and entertains her children with stories about her adventures with Peter Pan. He is very similar to his uncle Michael from the original Disney film adaptation , even to wearing footed-pajamas, although Danny's are pale green, instead of Michael's pale pink ones. Danny Daniel is Jane's little brother in Disney's Return to Never Land, who first appears at the beginning of as an infant, and is a pre-schooler in most of the scenes he appears in. In Hook , it has been shown to have killed, stuffed, and turned into a clock by Captain Hook, but also, at the end, it was shown to have been alive, somehow, as of after he was knocked out of the clock's framework, fell on Hook, swallowed him, and belched. His Secret Life , a Lifetime Channel movie about a popular teenager whose life is ruined by an addiction to internet pornography. Miami as the boyfriend of a girl whose parents are murdered. Molly Aster Molly Aster is one of the main characters of the three Starcatchers novels. Leonard is an ambassador for the Queen to Rudoon. In the book Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Louise is taken captive by the others. Producer Lucy Fisher also said that, "The window he flies out of had to be enlarged twice. Grempkin Second in Command at St. He is depicted as a warm and caring man. There have been many Lost Boys over the years, although the most known are Tootles, Nibs, Curly, Slightly, and The Twins, who all appear in the original story. Jack Banning is the son of Peter and Moira Banning. He appeared in an episode of CSI: Additional or different Lost Boys appear in sequels, prequels and adaptations. In Barrie's original story her name is Margaret and she does not marry Peter Pan. Scorpion tribe - A dangerous group in the Starcatcher books who uses poison as their main weapon.

Guy from peter pan

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Hook subsequently tricks it into swallowing an alarm clock so that he can know of the creature's approach by the ticking.

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