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Since it is usually the younger element that likes its fun, and particularly in the barn, it was extremely fortunate that a wedding ceremony in Mifflin county involved an older couple, instead of a young one. Before eating supper, the religious rite of washing feet is observed. And here we have people who wouldn't take a bath unless they get caught in a thunderstorm, and not change clothing until they rot from their backs and they grow up to an old stone age. Now this is not an "invention" of these people! The more progressive may allow handles on the coffins. Religious and educational, as well as agricultural and industrial leaders among them were among the out-standing men of early Colonial times. The Moon plays a great part in the planting of the crops, placing of fence-posts, shingling of barns and houses, etc.

Hole in the sheet amish

It is not impossible that this condition may lead to unpleasant and unlooked-for results some day, if perhaps such has not been the case in more instances than have generally come to light. Sandy, reddish, may we call it, and ruddy cheeks predominate. These preachers were presumed to have Divine inspiration and to be able to deliver forceful sermons without any preparation! First, I want to tell you, there are no daily baths, where there is no bathroom equipment. This naturally avoids errors in judgment. A full meal is prepared and placed upon tables, used for that purpose, in the church, and all the members partake of the supper. A sermon also is delivered at the wedding, at which time certain knowledge and information is imparted to the newly-weds. Sermons over, men reach for their hats, and women place their black bonnets over their white "prayer-caps," and thus out again into a more or less worldly atmosphere, having just been in the presence of God. Tzitzit are the undershirt like garments with fringes on the four corners that many observant Jewish men wear beneath their shirt. Now this is not an "invention" of these people! Since it is usually the younger element that likes its fun, and particularly in the barn, it was extremely fortunate that a wedding ceremony in Mifflin county involved an older couple, instead of a young one. After racking his brain he called me back to say that perhaps the rumor comes from a little known Jewish divorce law that speaks of a spouse willing to have sex only through a sheet. Silent prayer is offered before any diner begins his meal, and again at the end. Buying for Cash is the common rule among them, and unless they can see some real and quick return they will not buy anything. After exercises of this kind they are ready for supper at 5 o'clock, when each of the "Dutch" boys leads a girl by the hand, to the supper. Leaders or elders of the Old Order Amish are very strict about the ex-communication ban, and it is very "unhealthy" for the member in good standing to bid the time to any one who is under the ban. Isn't it true that neither the Red Man, nor the Black, nor any other in America, present social studies as interesting or entertaining as the Germans settled in Pennsylvania--so-called Pennsylvania "Dutch? I once dated a young Baha'i man, and a friend of mine cautioned me that I shouldn't marry him, since Baha'i couples must conduct their marital relations though a slit in a sheet. It is the extremists that our foregoing account covers. It appears that they have little time for either Negroes, lawyers or rum. We generalize somewhat in the inclusion of several of the plain sects in this account, although specifically we ought to say that "the Amish do so and so;" or, "the Mennonites," or whatever they may be. Our New England friends said that "bundling" was an "economic necessity" we prefer to believe that their prudishness made them say that, when in their hearts they knew that bundling was economically "convenient. Children five weeks old, and up, are old enough to attend meeting, and thus are allowed to mingle with others until attaining an age in life when they are able to determine for themselves that they can accept all teachings of His people, and declare that they are fit for baptism. It is not compulsory for the young girls to wear their bonnets constantly, either at home, at school, or away from home. The two-day observance holds good in Germany and Switzerland today. In later years a book of "pow wows" conforming to authority given by Jesus to the Elders of the Church, and evidencing some use and nurture among their forbears, was to become a household book, at least with others of German extraction.

Hole in the sheet amish

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A group organized by Abe Zook. They have lots of mending to do, and somehow these families get along through life with few of the things which the rest of the world calls "necessary modern conveniences and appliances.

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