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And that, my friend, is the Fractionation effect. When this is done, then ask her again, you can use this word-for-word: There are more examples of such scripts inside the Shogun Method, but for now they should be enough to get you started. You do this by telling her a happy incident which she can relate to. Once you understand this very important point, you will start seeing this phenomenon literally everywhere you look. Instead, he looks at her like she is out of his league. Do not put yourself down.

How to use fractionation to seduce women

How to use Fractionation over text? So, if you make yourself unavailable to her, you will, in turn, automatically become more valuable in her eyes. That fate had brought you together? Similarly, get her to describe that incident as vividly as possible. The next step in learning how to pick up girls using fractionation would simply be to get her to want to get to know you more. As the final disclaimer: The secret here would be to seem mysterious. The Action Checklist is free on one important condition: Some women react immediately to these roller coasters, while others may take repeated exposures to Fractionation before giving in. I have experienced that myself. This type of seduction is used by men who use manipulative psychological methods to make a woman fall in love with them. For a detailed description on how to use Fractionation to get an ex-girlfriend or wife back, watch this short video — Press play and turn up the volume, OK? You do this by telling her a happy incident which she can relate to. Why is this so? Psychology Trick Number Three: Picture in your mind as clearly as you can that woman that you want to seduce. To put it simply, Fractionation is a Mind Control hypnosis technique which puts a woman under your control and dominance. The answer is that each chapter of the book, or each scene in the movie is written or acted in such a way that it puts you into a short trance, and then pull you out from the trance, and then back into trance again. Because you know, all serial killers seem to be pretty nice and happy on the outside. The second set is a specialized Fractionation sequence which you can use to rekindle an old romance or get an ex-girlfriend back. When using Fractionation to seduce women, you can go as slow, or as fast as you want More broadly, Fractionation is a process in hypnosis where you bring your target in and out of the state of trance in order to deepen the experience of getting hypnotized into trance over time. They might practice at any given time of day, with the waitress, with their boss, with the cashier. Why were you happy? Psychology Trick Number Four: So, instead, try to forget about how much you like her and just enjoy her company for now.

How to use fractionation to seduce women

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Fractionation To Seduce Women And Use Mind Control

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Derek Rake and the Fractionation Formula Fractionation is a killer seduction technique!

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