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What's funny about shooting someone? Praise the high production values in this sketch. The visualizations are a little much. Actually one of several characters that involves Peele performing a sexual act by himself, to great comic effect. As someone who was successfully conned in real life in an eerily similar situation, this got personal. Key is a soldier who goes straight for the dog, ignoring the kids. He really wants to have a fun baby, like a "special-needs kid with white eyes that can tell the future. Extra points for a bevy of mostly realistic celebrity impersonations, including Lil Jon Morgan Freeman could use some work, though. I probably failed, in some capacity.

Key and peele middle eastern

The physical humor is exactly as funny as it sounds. Not good is the answer. There's two sides — and two races — to every biracial guy you date. A supermarket is a tiny mansion that has food in it. The surrealism mostly works. Unfortunately, he keeps digging a hole he can't explain. It's not a laser, it's a hologram. Like pre—old school old-school. They say nice things about Mexicans, Asians, blacks, and Indians in big southern accents in the tone of racist dickheads. She spends her first date with Andre berating a waiter with condescending lines like, "Don't be sorry … be better. But, hey, this is the internet: Richard Schiff guest-stars as a U. Suddenly, he pulls out a satellite phone, loads of planes appear in the sky, and he welcomes them to democracy. This sketch essentially works as a build to its button, when it turns out Peele and his nice girlfriend are crackheads because of course they are. Turns out he was only in horribly racist old Hollywood movies. Who put the running order together? Tompkins shoves paper in his mouth and tapes it to his face in this ode to political reverse psychology. Some delicious Key physical bits, as per usual, but the sketch drags on a bit too long. He tries out each bed using highly sexual physical gestures. This time, they're giving a TED Talk about periods. Do not adopt racist dogs. Here they try their hand at picking up ladies at the gym. They also do pretty delectable Kilmer impressions. Good cameo by the office guy with Benjamin Button disease the first of two Benjamin Button refs! This was a huge viral hit before season four began, and rightfully so:

Key and peele middle eastern

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Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown - Uncensored

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I will use the word aplomb once again on this list.

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