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It would be good for the cause. Can crossdressing be acquired like an addiction? Or what about my favorite: Be careful and enjoy! I define crossdresser as a primarily straight man who is profoundly satisfied to imagine himself as a woman.

Looking for crossdressers

As an adult he had plenty of relationship and self-esteem issues, but no predilection for petticoats. Once you break the ice, and reach into the panty drawer, you may never be able to stop. Or look at it this way: Yes, that describes the in my view intersex condition we share, but it also seems to shape our sexuality, sexuality in the sense of the things that turn us on. Because we live in a culture in which crossdressing is clearly not kosher, most of us, at least at first, want to know Is there a cure? They as a group have gone from seeing their sexuality the way s society did, a failing, an embarrassment, a curse, to their own fresh vision of it as a natural pleasure and special form of love. Yes in a way, I ultimately came to see. Why does an otherwise normal, healthy male become a crossdresser? I define crossdresser as a primarily straight man who is profoundly satisfied to imagine himself as a woman. This is the first in a series of articles I plan to write on the most common questions I hear from crossdressers. Though few of us crossdressers are out to our co-workers or look obviously transgendered in the workplace, we still can benefit immensely from the path that gay people have blazed. A gay man who comes out is embraced by potential partners and rarely has to worry about his job or future prospects. Or, I should more compassionately say, people trying not to think too much. However, no particular childhood events or exposures have been consistently coupled with crossdressing. After all, there are enough pills to swallow in everyday life, without having to take on the hypothetical ones. As our gay friends have known for decades, the most important political act you can make is being authentic and coming out to people one by one as it becomes relevant. Clearly things will get better for us t-folks, as more and more MTFs choose to transition, push for legal reforms, and show the people they touch that transsexuals make the same if not better professionals and family members they made while in male form. What I will offer you is compassion and my best attempt at accuracy based on my professional and personal experience and fairly extensive reading. Well, gays and lesbians have faced this question too and feel pretty strongly that no one should live for the cause. But would any regular straight man find such pleasure in panties and be vulnerable to such a substance? To me and to most gay men, being gay describes a specific thing. Believe me I know; I work with plenty. It would be good for the cause. Though most people will be happier with each step they take toward authenticity, every man and woman should make personal decisions based on the particulars of their romantic, familial, and economic situations. No, I later learned. A Crossdresser Comes of Age. Nearly all of us started-out-straight TGs begin with a horrid view of ourselves and need to forge a new self-image if we are to stand as tall and proud as our gay friends.

Looking for crossdressers

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After all, there are enough pills to swallow in everyday life, without having to take on the hypothetical ones.

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