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I got married last fall. Lying next to him in bed, my stomach tightened at the mention of potential rings. I should have known then. I think about and remember my vows and re watch our wedding frequently to bring back those original feelings of love. Even back to when i was coming to first meet them, he told his family how uptight and not open i am and not to ask me any questions..

Married 6 months and unhappy

I want to work things out. I was a woman moving in with my soon-to-be-employed boyfriend. I had more sex the last few months before meeting my husband with my ex than being with my husband for a total of 2. I feel so so hurt. Things about marriage that make me unhappy: If I left him, I would be a loser. We rushed into things so quickly and i met his family too soon and built that bond on both ends of our family. We are both mid-thirties, this is first marriage for both of us. We each have income, we split the bills although I pay for my house and he pays for his house we didn't sell his house - using it as rental property - I bought a house shortly before we got married for us to move into together - we picked that house together. His parents have babied him for too long! I emailed a few marriage and individual counselers this morning. We even did pre-marital counseling and went back to the counselor after H was laid off shortly after our wedding. He was dodging me and the subject the entire time. Pulling back onto the highway, I felt like I had somehow ended up as a character in a s movie. I could go on and on and on and vent. My husband is a very caring guy, a nice friend to have for anybody, and we have some very good conversations and quite a few good laughs. I was living in a city over a thousand miles from my friends and family and I often felt alone and isolated. We had already signed a lease on a one-bedroom apartment and he was going to take care of me. I was smart and capable and would still have things going for me if I left him. I was so caught up in getting enagaged. I cannot decipher whether this marriage is entirely off course. Yellow paper lanterns hung from the tree in the backyard. My husband exagertes and procrastinates and is very emotional and dramatic. I serve him and take care of him almost like his mother. Not planned, it just coincidently always happened that way. But as I sipped on my glass of champagne, I knew it was all a sham. I profusely defend him to my family and never say anything bad about him to anyone.

Married 6 months and unhappy

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Even the honeymoon sex was kind of lame.

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