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There is a small ritual that is connected to this procedure. I think it is different for every individual. It works so much better that way; however in my experience and what I am seeing now days is that even within divination there are instances where receiving Orisha and going through the ceremony of Kariocha is marked too easily. Her questions were like machine guns in their rapidity, and lasers in their logic. So, some individuals are born from the family of Ogun, some Oshun, others Orunmila, and so on. There are various ways and resources in the UK and online, but I would say that it is important to build some kind of ancestor altar in your home. The difference between the different roles are documented elsewhere. When you choose your godparents, you are also choosing to belong to a lineage and a way of doing things.

Orisha reading

In Europe, in general there has been a huge rise in the practise of the religion and the ceremony of Kariocha has taken place in some countries, amongst them Holland, and Spain. You will find what is right for you. Getting to know people before asking them to represent you within the religion is really important. Understand that you can have multiple Godparents within this religion. My own wife, Iyalawo Vassa was incorrectly read as a child of Obatala from a group of Lucumi Babalawo. Visiting a Diviner; Having a reading. Trips to Cuba now are more and more expensive and if you can afford to go on a regular basis, then consider that economically there will always be an imbalance of power between yourself and those that you choose to guide you. You should be able to feel that you can go to that person for whatever reason and for whatever problem you may encounter on your journey. My final comment to her was: Once you have chosen the Olorisha to represent you, the correct procedure would be to go to the feet of the tutelary Orisha of the person that you have chosen and ask. The question that all this should bring to mind is: Information about the College of Psychic Studies. In our school we teach that the only entity that owns your head is your own ORI. Spiritual Readings Why do we need Spiritual Readings? I would also like to say that the Lucumi Path is only one variation of what may be labelled as Orisha worship. Spiritual consultations are done over the phone and in person. A lone practitioner cannot and should not give Elekes, Orisha or any other initiation ceremony. Ultimately, she received her physical Ori and was initiated into Ifa primarily to restore the balance that had been disrupted by the incorrect reading and initiation. Making matters worse, she was initiated as a priest of Obatala, and spent 8 long years of her life trying to become comfortable with an energy that was as different from her actual energy as possible. If you are in doubt, feel that you are left in the dark and have not received explanation, then walk away. Some people come only once to the divining mat. Also have a look at these Online resources: There are various ways and resources in the UK and online, but I would say that it is important to build some kind of ancestor altar in your home. A proper divination confirmed he was a child of Yemonja. The pros of having your godparents abroad are few. Since then a number of people have passed through the Ifa Foundation that faced the same situation.

Orisha reading

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Frankly, I was hesitant to bring it up. From a successful life and career, everything had evaporated for over a year following his initiation.

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