Ten days ago private eye Annabelle Valentine’s world was destroyed.  Her partner and friends are dead at the hands of a crime master most don’t believe exists—worse, they were killed in an effort to break her down and make her his willing pawn.  Now Valentine is back with new allies to confront old enemies.  Cop friends of Lt. Thomas, her late partner Mike Dandy’s vengeance-fueled sister, and DeeDee McGee, the madam with a heart of gold, join forces with Valentine and Aurore Clement to face Natal Chambruss and his minions once more.


The Southwest Association of Literary and Dramatic Artists is proud to announce the upcoming web series production of Creatures of the Night, a sequel to the stage play that also stands alone.  Production is planned for fall 2016 in San Antonio, Texas and auditions will be held on September 10-11.  Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and on our website, swalda.com.  We’ll soon be releasing behind the scenes goodies, updates from the cast and crew, and your chance to get involved!

The Executive Board of SWALDA

participated in a panel discussion in

the 2016 GeminiInk Writer's Conference in San Antonio, TX (July 23, 2016).  The conference focus was "The state of the book." and our panel discussion was "Performance Literature: Text as artifact".  This hour-long discussion took place at the El Tropicano Hotel on the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio.

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