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Neilson, Exhibiting Mormonism New York: First, once the laughter of initial depictions faded, a stream of literature linked plural marriage to various forms of coercion. Public sentiment was still generally adverse to Mormons. Howe published Mormonism Unvailed: This condition is shown by…the large proportion of albuminous and gelatinous types of constitution, and by the striking uniformity in facial expression and in physical conformation of the younger portion of the community…. Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.


The intensity of his denunciations must have struck a sensitive chord in a Mormon who had already suffered persecution and expulsion from his home as a result of anti-Mormon rhetoric that rapidly escalated to violence in the state of Missouri. This condition is shown by…the large proportion of albuminous and gelatinous types of constitution, and by the striking uniformity in facial expression and in physical conformation of the younger portion of the community…. The parliament began on Monday the 11th of September. The yellow, sunken, cadaverous visage; the greenish-colored eyes; the thick, protuberant lips; the low forehead; the light, yellowish hair, and the lank, angular person, constitute an appearance so characteristic of the new race, the production of polygamy, as to distinguish them at a glance. The main sources we used are professionally translated company, and academic, websites. Oxford University Press, forthcoming. That reversed the usual dynamic, by putting his audience in a position where they could not help but respond to the bold ideas he put forward. When Sunday came a multitude came to gather to witness the miracle. The focus on Mormonism as a fraud kept Mormons on the defensive. As Charles Dickens said, What the Mormons do seems to be excellent. The image of the Mormon polygamist, like the image of the prophet-fraud, allowed a facile dismissal of the religion in its entirety. Mormons had reached the lifeboats. They dressed different like caped cavaliers or klansmen , they talked different like Elizabethan gentlemen and they looked different — usually like Orientals. I wish this could be a full scale production as this show is truly something special. From Brother Brigham in bed with a dozen Mrs. Even science joined in the attempt to construct Mormons as distinctively, even racially, different. Time and again this was a winning strategy for the anti-Mormons. Bachelor was a pro, having, for example, debated religion in ten letters with Robert Dale Owen, the freethinking son of Robert Owen, in Negotiating the Mormon Image — Terryl L. While some of his fellow believers were paddling furiously to return to the Titanic, Pratt wanted to strike out for the open sea. In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources. They were invited to provide the patriotic music for the placement of the Liberty Bell at the Chicago Exposition. This aids the story as it shows how remarkably similar they are and makes the parallel roads they travel more marked when Joey rises as Denny falls. And in , Brigham Young dispatched the foremost intellect of mid-century Mormonism, Orson Pratt, to defend and debate the practice of plural marriage. He, too, succumbed to the tried and proven technique of mocking the man and evading the message. Those who did venture into print as Mormon apologists and expositors often emphasized commonalities with Christian tradition.


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Until Pratt, Mormon missionaries had done little to respond in print to criticisms from without.

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