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What Is Platonic Love? This is due to the ownership of beautiful and good things equates into happiness. All beautiful and good things sit below truth and wisdom, for everyone looks to truthful and wise people as the truly beautiful for the effort of being considered beautifully good, and this is exactly why Plato suggests that love is not a god but rather a philosopher. Unlike in a romantic relationship, there is no fear that the person will leave you because they were never with you in the first place. The love described as the one practiced by those who are pregnant according to the soul, who partake of both the realm of beings and the realm of Being, who grasp Being indirectly, through the mediation of beings, would be a love that Socrates could practice. In the following quote, the author simplifies the idea of virtue as simply what is "good". Platonic love was the theme of some of the courtly masques performed in the Caroline era —though the fashion soon waned under pressures of social and political change. Pregnancy of the body results in human children. Pregnancy of the soul, the next step in the process, produces " virtue " — which is the soul truth translating itself into material form.

Platonic love meaning

It explains the possibilities of how the feeling of love began and how it has evolved—both sexually and non-sexually. Plato wrote about love in his work, the Symposium, a dialogue where the guests of a banquet each gave speeches in honor of the god Eros and debated the true meaning of love. Pregnancy of the soul, the next step in the process, produces " virtue " — which is the soul truth translating itself into material form. It is the use of the word love that directs us towards a deeper relationship than the scope of a normal friendship. Eventually, in time, with consequent steps up the ladder, the idea of beauty is eventually no longer connected with a body, but entirely united with Being itself. Eros is a sexual or passionate love, or a modern perspective of romantic love. Later in , Marsilio Ficino put forward a theory of neo-platonic love in which he defines love as a personal ability of an individual which guides their soul towards cosmic processes and lofty spiritual goals and heavenly ideas De Amore, Les Belles Lettres, These different forms of love can be mistaken as any of the listed different loves. Such a form of love is impossible for a mortal to achieve. Many people believe it is, and that little is possible without love as a motivator. This is due to the ownership of beautiful and good things equates into happiness. Virtue is the result of pregnancy of the soul. Divine Eros begins the journey from physical attraction, i. Though Plato's discussions of love originally centered on relationships which were sexual between members of the same sex, scholar Todd Reeser studies how the meaning of platonic love in Plato's original sense underwent a transformation during the Renaissance , leading to the contemporary sense of nonsexual heterosexual love. Ludus is a playful and uncommitted love, this is focused for fun and sometimes as a conquest with no strings attached. One of the complications of platonic love lies within the persistence of the use of the title itself "platonic love" versus the use of "friend". Pragma is the type of love that is founded on duty and reason, and one's longer term interests. This is an example of cultural relativity , because the modern interpretation of the term is different from the ancient Greek interpretation. Agape is the universal love, that can consist of the love for strangers, nature, or god. Philautia is self-love and this can be healthy or unhealthy; which can be unhealthy if you are hubris if placed ahead of gods, and it can be healthy if its used to build self esteem and confidence. Unfiltered Honesty There is little need for deceit in a purely platonic relationship. It brought about the best in both people. Philia is the type of love that is directed towards friendship or goodwill, often is met with mutual benefits that can also can be formed by companionship, dependability, and trust. This is the type of love, that, according to Socrates, is practiced by animals. The step of this ascent is known as the "Ladder of Love". Storge is the type of love that is found between parents and children, and this is often a unilateral love.

Platonic love meaning

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There is a type of porosity that allows love to filter through one type and into the next, although for Plato love is to be of the beautiful and good things. This is the type of love, that, according to Socrates, is practiced by animals.

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