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Sometimes that term "popping the cherry" is just a euphamism for someone having sex -- or doing anything new -- for the first time. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it is, what it does, and what it really means. Given the extent of this persistent hymen hype, it's incredible that we lose only our virginity and not our minds as well in the process. This ring of stretchy tissue is leftover from the formation of the vaginal canal during fetal development. The Untouched History " describes the hymen as a "door frame mounted in a doorway that stands on the spot where 'external' stops and 'internal' starts. Despite that gynecological truth, that collective imagining of the hymen as a sacred seal persists. As such, Hanne Blank, author of " Virgin: It's a thin membrane at the vaginal opening, but it's forever been linked to sexual intercourse and the loss of virginity. So, why stress about it?

Popping the hymen

And we can all agree, I think, that a woman who is in labor is not a virgin. Here are a few extra links that should help you out with all of this: The following is a summary of the basic medical facts about the hymen. Or rather, intact, virginal hymens that can "break" or "pop" inside of us don't exist. What else do you want to know about hymens? By the time many women have sex, that vaginal corona may have devolved from a doughnut to an unnoticeable rubber band all by itself. Back in the day when people didn't understand women's bodies -- and in some places and groups still, because some folks are still ignorant to what the realities of women's bodies are -- virginity was defined as being all about the hymen when there were and in some places, again, there still are, however misguided cultural imperatives to try and "prove" a woman's virginity. Because why would evolution favor the patriarchy? The hymen doesn't "pop" like a "cherry" yep, that's where that saying comes from , but it stretches. In other words, it's a bit of an oxymoron to suggest you can lose your virginity before you have sex with someone else, because the way virginity is most often defined is AS having sex with someone else. For many women -- 63 percent according to one small-scale survey -- losing their virginity was neither physically uncomfortable nor messy. Fingers and dildos are your friends. Not to mention the myriad ways girls can stretch and tear the vaginal corona sans sexual activity, including bike riding, horseback riding, inserting tampons, masturbation and dancing don't tell the "Footloose" preacher. Why would we need one? Also, relax your vaginal muscles because being extra tense might also make the bleeding worse. Medically speaking, the hymen derived from the Greek word for "membrane," but not to be confused with Greek god of marriage is more accurately referred to as the vaginal corona. Even once it's worn all the way away, there's usually a little bit of that tissue that will always remain just inside the vaginal opening. On average, when a woman isn't highly sexually aroused, the vagina is only a few inches deep. It's not a comfortable exam, but if done properly, will lessen your anxiety and discomfort. As such, Hanne Blank, author of " Virgin: Those things are lifetime commitments. So, it's important to choose to be with someone where our bodies being as our bodies are feels emotionally okay and safe, and where it's fine that you're new to sex. Lol, because that's how one loses their virginity It's a very thin membrane, right around your vaginal opening. Sometimes, people are making reference to the hymen , but when that's the case, it's usually pretty misinformed.

Popping the hymen

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You Can't POP Your Cherry! (HYMEN 101)

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Fingers and dildos are your friends. Here are a few extra links that should help you out with all of this:

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