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You see, we are able to better handle rejection from "outsiders" than from those people we are very close to. Here are 20 benefits of dating your best friend: To some extent, this may also be a benefit because you wouldn't want to get to that point where you seek outside help instead of solving problems internally. So, what is it about him to be afraid of? You know each other's weaknesses Your aim is to have a successful and fulfilling relationship. By now, you are aware no one is perfect. Your friendship may be at risk Imagine a situation where your suggestion to your best friend to start dating is turned down. In fact, you may require some counseling sessions for you to be able to figure her out.

Pros and cons of dating your best friend

You both must be willing to give to sustain it. Because this person has been your best friend for ages, it may be difficult to separate their face from your friendship. Here are 20 benefits of dating your best friend: There are very few people who can make you feel as secure as your best friend does. The cons of dating your best friend As you may be already aware, everything in life is two-sided. We often go the extra mile looking for the best ways to present ourselves before them. This is very important because a relationship goes beyond two people being in love and living together; their families have to give their approval too. Are you supposed to be engaged to an enemy? In fact, you probably already discussed this. But be warned, collegiettes: When others underestimate you, your best friend will never do so. Whether or not you and your best friend are soul mates, we promise that Prince Charming is on his way! Chances are that the family has been waiting for their child to officially introduce you to them as the new bae or boo, not bestie. He or she is already aware of your past One of the "sacred grounds" partners often dread treading in a relationship is discussing their past. Your best friend is less likely to jilt you So you're looking for a loyal partner? Now, if that guy or girl is your best friend, the case is settled. He or she would not run to anyone else because you've both come a long way together. You may have to repeat things several times to convince your best friend it's not one of your lame jokes. This con also has the potential of making your friends divide and take sides, which no one wants to see happen. As such, one of the things you will have to know about your partner are his or her weaknesses. Of course, there are the times when both shall meet… but often your hangs are divided. For some reason, kissing a person you know super well is surprisingly more difficult than locking lips with a newer crush. You already know which movies you've bonded over, which restaurants you love, and conversation is easily held between the two of you. You may never know why this is useful until you encounter disdain and rejection in life. The little gifts you give to him or her are much more appreciated. Take a moment to imagine your best friend as your husband or wife or fiance, dwell on the thought constantly, and you'll be surprised to see the chemistry come in. If you are not the type of person they'd want to see near their son or daughter, you would have been shown a restraining order already.

Pros and cons of dating your best friend

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This, of course, is because of the fear of the unknown. You don't want to miss having that kind of a person as your partner.

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