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In the meantime, though, the ability to set up campaigns and monitor and share my Feedly stream make Rignite a tool that offers value for bloggers. Download reports for management or clients. We make it easy to stay organized and on top of everything. If you have favorite messaging times from another tool, you can also set these in Rignite. Assign cases to yourself for follow up or other team members to get timely responses. You can watch users or add them to a VIP list — they are identified by bookmark and trophy icons in your social stream.


A good first step is connecting all your social media profiles. You also have the ability to drag and drop posts in order to change the date of your post. You can filter the calendar view to show draft messages to make it easy to review those before they go into the schedule. That might come in handy if you regularly want to share an archived post or announce a new one. Compose and schedule your campaign messages. Other Rignite features include: Depending on the type of campaign, you can easily tweak the rules, add prize descriptions and more. Rignite collects and selects winners based on the campaign parameters a real time saver, if you ask me! Rignite provides a rich set of social media marketing, monitoring, management and analytics tools. Rignite lets you see six weeks' worth of posts at a time, but it can get a bit visually busy. If you're managing social media for others, the ability to separate your own profiles from clients' profiles or to decide which LinkedIn groups you want to post to is also handy. There's also a handy color coding system where in green has been approved and anything that is awaiting approval is in orange. Grow your following, boost engagement, and win sales. Promote your blog with evergreen content. Campaign options in the tool include: We're very impressed and very happy with both the product and the team behind it. Import and export posts for efficient scheduling, reporting, and approvals. If you have favorite messaging times from another tool, you can also set these in Rignite. Getting Started with Rignite Signing up for Rignite doesn't take long, then it's time to set up your account via the clean, modern interface. Discovering and tracking influencers are simple and help me grow my business. Here's how Rignite campaigns work, using a Twitter campaign as an example. Bloggers can easily schedule posts in advance, promote these blog posts on social media with campaigns, and then monitor the activity of these posts all in one platform. Curate content easily by monitoring blogs and RSS feeds. Just click the pause button once content has been approved to let it go. You can keep tabs on:


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Curate content easily by monitoring blogs and RSS feeds. Read Rignite reviews to discover why businesses, agencies, and bloggers love us.

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