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It went straight to the top of the charts and garnered a Grammy Award nomination. It also features her husband, Jay-Z, who adds a touch of rap to the mix. Hearts melt when Steve Perry's golden chords belt out: It is featured on their album Led Zeppelin II, and it still stands the test of time. Lewis released it just after winning the third season of the hit UK television show, The X Factor, and it spent months on the radio airwaves. This classic from the album Sticky Fingers is full of devotion and longing, making it one of the fiercest declarations of love in rock history. It tells the story of meeting someone and remembering everything about the first encounter.

Romantic oldies songs list

It holds the distinction of being the best-selling track from their album Red Rose Speedway. It's optimistic, fun and upbeat, despite the fact that everyone in Fleetwood Mac was having relationship issues at the time. It has hints of retro musical influences and is inspired by her husband, whom she married the year before. It first appeared on the album Lonely Grill, and immediately rose to the top of the Billboard charts. It appears on the album D'lectrified and is one of the go-to songs for wedding DJs. Who doesn't want to her significant other say: It's all about staying in love, even when you're apart, and falling head over heels every time you meet again. There are other versions from big artists like Billy Joel and Bob Dylan, but this version packs a poignant punch. The Movie soundtrack, but lines like "Every long lost dream led me to where you are" make it ideally suited for mature audiences. It also features her husband, Jay-Z, who adds a touch of rap to the mix. It has doo-wop nuances, making it one of her more cheerful ballads. It has appeared on a variety of different shows, including Grey's Anatomy. Hence, this famous Ross and Richie melody was born. Listening to this poignant indie tune leaves you with a dull ache in your chest and a lump in your throat. The inspiration was his wife, Annie, who is the envy of everyone who listens to this heartfelt folk tune. Lewis gave us the anthem for eternal devotion in , on her album Now in a Minute. This rock classic off their famous Abbey Road album was penned by George Harrison for his wife, Pattie. The song first appeared on Dion's album Let's Talk About Love, but the blockbuster hit made it an instant classic. Flack made it famous by adding it to her album First Take. It speaks to anyone who has found true love for the very first time, and the guitar solo is sure to pluck at your heartstrings. These lines say it all: It explores life's changes, breaking old habits, starting anew and giving love a chance to lead the way. It will forever be remembered as the boom box ballad. It is one of the top country love songs of all time because it has a little bit of everything—nostalgia, everlasting love and family bonding. She got a song. It earned a spot on four different music charts:

Romantic oldies songs list

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This heart breaker song harkens back to their album A Night at the Opera, and deals with lost love and longing. It features the vocal stylings of Siedah Garrett, and opens with the lines that no hopeless romantic can pass up:

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