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If the '-j' option is used, then the default time is Unix Epoch 0. AssocID Reference to the association of user, account and cluster. Default is no restrictions.. Only applicable when running the filetxt plugin. The DerivedExitCode can be modified by invoking sacctmgr modify job or the specialized sjobexitmod command. When specifying states and no start time is given the default starttime is 'now'.


DerivedExitCode The highest exit code returned by the job's job steps srun invocations. The default is current cluster you are executing the sacct command on or all clusters in the federation when executed on a federated cluster. The -T option is useful when determining exact run times during any given period. All of the time stamps use a 24 hour format. A step id of 'batch' will display the information about the batch step. Following the colon is the signal that caused the process to terminate if it was terminated by a signal. Valid time formats are Arbitrary string for grouping orthogonal accounts together. The default action is to display a header. If the '-s' option is used, then the default is 'now'. If states are given with the '-s' option then only jobs in this state at this time will be returned. Space characters are not allowed. Show jobs from the federation if a member of one. Default is no restriction. The batch step information is only available after the batch job is complete unlike regular steps which are available when they start. Elapsed The format of this fields output is as follows: Default is all associations. UID The user identifier of the user who ran the job. Otherwise, if set to 'no' then only the selected hetjob components will be retrieved, even when selecting the leader. So if a job started before --starttime the start time would be truncated to --starttime. If set to 'yes' or no value is set, then information about all the components will be retrieved no matter which component is selected in the job filter. By default, only jobs ran on the cluster from where sacct is called are displayed. The following describes each job accounting field: Suspended How long the job was suspended for. The default is all partitions. Commandline options will always override these settings.


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SacCT - Using Adaptive Release

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The batch step information is only available after the batch job is complete unlike regular steps which are available when they start.

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