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Wolf specializes in the field of three-dimensional imaging of biological cells using electron microscopy. He developed an early laser microscope , patented scanning microscopy using Bessel beams , published the first demonstration of scanning two-photon microscopy SHG , proposed two-photon fluorescence and CARS microscopy , launched the first commercial confocal microscope , and developed the first confocal microscope with computer control and storage His main research interest is characterisation of nano, bio and energy materials. It is contrary to the whole plan of salvation set forth in the scriptures, and anyone who has read the Book of Moses, and anyone who has received the temple endowment and who yet believes the Adam—God theory does not deserve to be saved. His current experimental efforts mainly concern the development of an instrumental suite for the nanoscale analysis of environmentally-sensitive materials. Prior to joining NTU in , he acquired over 35 years of research experience at national laboratories in Australia and Singapore in materials science and engineering, minerals processing, nuclear waste treatment and environmental management. He and his wife, Eve, had become gods by living a mortal life, becoming resurrected, and receiving their exaltation.

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His main research interest is characterisation of nano, bio and energy materials. His research has also encompassed new specifications of analytical hardware and catalyzed the development and improvement of the latest generation of post-column energy-filters. Richards who, according to one researcher, interpreted the idea of Adam being "our God" or "our Father" as meaning merely that Adam, as the first mortal man, stands at the head of the human family. Her research interests and expertise are in the electron microscopy of semiconductors processing, III-V nanowires, semiconductor heterostructures and nanostructures as well as electrical characterisation techniques. You can help by adding to it. She has organized several workshops and symposia and chaired several sessions at international microscopy conferences. In , he stated: His current experimental efforts mainly concern the development of an instrumental suite for the nanoscale analysis of environmentally-sensitive materials. His research interest mainly focuses on developing novel electron microscopy tools and instruments for atomic scale and multi-scale in situ experiments on structural and functional materials. Their results were recently published in Elife. He is the first of the human family". For example, he stated that on the way to exaltation , one would have to "pass by" and "pay tribute to" various apostles and prophets, then Jesus , and "at length However, all of the First Presidency and almost all of the apostles of the time continued to maintain multiple families into the 20th century, feeling they could not dissolve existing unions and families. He was Invited Speaker in more than international scientific conferences. This opens the door to interactive supercomputing with response times in the order of seconds or minutes on such massive data sets with only a moderate investment in IT infrastructure. In , she joined the BioImaging Core that is set up to provide advanced light and electron microscopy in cells and tissues. The LDS Church's disavowal of the doctrine contributes to what fundamentalists perceive to be a general intellectual or spiritual retreat by the church from doctrines felt to be excessively challenging to their preconceptions. After a 3 year leave as an International Product Manager for analytical instruments at Gatan, he became Associate Professor in Graz in In parallel, he has been involved in initiatives with various American and Portuguese institutions in the areas of Education and Higher Education, Systems of Innovation, and Science and Technology. IT8 - Phase-related techniques Dr. Dieter Weber is managing the collaborative LiberTEM project, an open software platform for high-throughput distributed processing of data from pixelated detectors in scanning transmission electron microscopy STEM. How could all of his other children be accounted for? Richards , accepted the doctrine "that Adam is our Father and our God" as well, stating in a conference held in June that "the Prophet and Apostle Brigham has declared it, and that it is the word of the Lord". He is a recognized international leader in developing and applying the technique of aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy to problems in catalytic materials and oxide electrolytes. Young b , p. PS12 - Materials for energy production, storage and catalysis Prof.

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Lothar Houben, and Prof. In the book, Musser contended that the rejection of the doctrine by the LDS Church can be linked to its rejection of plural marriage , which occurred around the same time:

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