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There are some weak points, but these are few and far between. The number of fans and follows grows faster than the number of positive reviews for their music. Their debut album If You Wait is the bookies' favourite to win the Mercury Prize , ahead of Foals and David Bowie, despite the fact that it is yet to be released. This record is written entirely by the three of us, with no outside writers involved so it is very personal to us all. How would you explain the sound of the album? In your 20s, anger gets taken out on your relationships and your self-esteem. Linda Nylind for the Guardian London Grammar have been described by the Guardian as "overwhelmingly polite" , but that depends on your definition of polite. The band met while at Nottingham University, where Reid and guitarist Dan Rothman drafted in Dot Major from the year below to add percussion at their first gig as a three-piece, this involved him playing the djembe to their sound.

Sights london grammar meaning

Soon after I met Dot at a house party, and as we were looking for a drummer he more or less started straight away. Final question — what do hope and passion mean to you? Dot Major knows his way round the drums and synths, using both to drive the track forward and give it a great deal of atmosphere. When our interview starts singer Hannah Reid cannot stop fiddling with her phone. But the irony is, that London Grammar are neither the middle-of-the-road group they appear to be nor in the precarious state of youth they describe. Well, we do all love the movie and the soundtrack as a whole. We just hope that it continues for as long as possible! How much Hannah Reid is in this album? When most university graduates are staring into the unknown, being in this band might just have been the smartest move these three young people could have made. I read that you formed your band in University. So has she ever spent real-life money building up her village? Her mind is not her own and almost seems delirious. London Grammar are shaping up to be one of the most promising bands of the year. This record is written entirely by the three of us, with no outside writers involved so it is very personal to us all. But, London Grammar keep everything else to a bare minimum. Nightcall In my opinion, Nightcall is the strangest inclusion on the album and definitely the weakest. We start touring America in just a couple of weeks, followed by a tour in the UK and then one through Europe. Hannah Reid wrote the track after a breakup, the lyrics asking herself a series of questions: Flickers After the Interlude, the album picks up on its journey again, as it nears the end of the album. They do have young fans, and as Reid says, "my hair is quite cool", but mums come to their shows out of choice, rather than obligation. We also were lucky enough to have some live strings recorded, which were arranged by the legendary Wil Malone. We have had such amazing support from all different people, and we are extremely grateful for it. Perhaps it is the first quarter-life-crisis album. We then added the breakbeat afterwards. This is not just a record that speaks to mids despondency, it offers a way out of it.

Sights london grammar meaning

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Repetitive guitar and drums begin the track as the story of loneliness is told. Only when extra guitar joins, does Nightcall begin to fit the rest of the album.

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