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Possible beings are those that are capable of existing and not existing. Even unintelligent things are predisposed to this and not that. This maximum perfection we call God. Nothing exists prior to itself. There cannot be an infinite regress, therefore there must have been an initial unmoved mover. Aristotle reasoned that the series of movers must have begun with a first or prime mover that had not itself been moved or acted upon by any other agent. The Way of Causation:

St thomas aquinas proofs

Therefore it is necessary to admit a first efficient cause, to which everyone gives the name of God. The purpose of the Summa theologica is to help Dominicans not enrolled in the university prepare for their priestly duties of preaching and hearing confessions [3] by systematizing Catholic truth utilizing mainly Aristotelean tools. If that by which it is changing is itself changed, then it too is being changed by something else. Because every efficient cause must itself have an efficient cause and because there cannot be an infinite chain of efficient causes, there must be an immutable first cause of all the changes that occur in the world, and this first cause is God. Therefore, nothing would be in existence now. Or "one," insofar as any existent thing will be at least "one thing. An example of a possible being is man. For Aquinas, if there is some sort of design that is set in our world, then there must be a designer. If every being were possible, therefore, then there would be a time at which nothing existed. But if everything were contingent and thus capable of going out of existence, then, given infinite time, this possibility would be realized and nothing would exist now. No God but the God of Abraham claims to be the very ground of being, the foundation of all reality. This we call God. That is plainly false i. Not knowing the scholastic distinction between primary and secondary causality, for instance, [Dawkins] imagined that Thomas's talk of a "first cause" referred to the initial temporal causal agency in a continuous temporal series of discrete causes. For example, plant growth depends on sunlight, which depends on gravity, which depends on mass. But as an arrow reaches its target because it is directed by an archer, what lacks intelligence achieves goals by being directed by something intelligence. Each Way concludes not with "It is proven" or "therefore God exists" etc. Therefore at that time there would have been nothing to bring the currently existing contingent beings into existence. Philosophical[ edit ] Criticism of the cosmological argument , and hence the first three Ways, emerged in the 18th century by the philosophers David Hume and Immanuel Kant. Things have degrees of perfection—larger or smaller, heavier or lighter, warmer or colder. This means that one may have cognition that something is true which is quite certain without having scientific knowledge For Aquinas, there must be at least one necessary being to exist at the very beginning for the rest of the beings to be able to exist and this being is, of course, God. Therefore there must also be something which is to all beings the cause of their being, goodness, and every other perfection; and this we call God. This designer cannot possibly just be humans or other natural beings themselves as he describes man as imperfect and not intelligent enough to set such a grand design. The main idea in this argument is that every object, action, or event, according to Aristotle, has an efficient cause or an entity or event responsible for its creation or change. Thomas Aquinas Photo Credit:

St thomas aquinas proofs

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Theologians in Conversation: The 'Five Ways' of St Thomas Aquinas

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Man is a possible being because we have the potential to exist birth and the same potential to not exist death. The design of the world, therefore, must have been set by a being that is vastly more intelligent than humans and knowledgeable enough to guide them towards their end.

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