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No alcohol as there is full nudity in the place. Not really a sexualized place, it bears something of the spirit of a communal sauna but not quite. I was smiling more and more with each passing play space. Regardless of how the land and the mood may lie, facts are that Berlin is home to a score of swinger clubs, legal brothels, fetish clubs and other venues sporting fairly adult entertainment. There is no point in judging something where everyone is different and everyone has their own fantasies. A common theme was consent, this is actively policed by the staff and anyone touching without permission or being a pest is ejected from the premises. We were told that it gets jumping between

Swingers clubs reviews

The other way round takes you to another glory hole fun area and a viewing platform overlooking the bed. You can watch anything that is going on but you must stay at least 3 feet away unless invited to join in. We were told that it gets jumping between We were less lucky. Dr Nikki Goldstein is a sexologist. So we walk in and start looking around. He then goes into a 5 minute story of all the things that go on and if anything if you go in you will at least come out with a story. I will say that after we left we were both tired and hungry. We shower regularly in order not to smell, wear clothes, makeup and do our hair often to look nice and neat. He then informs us of all the rules that go on. You give up your locker room key for your names — upon which you then are supplied with an all you can drink option. Now, I have deliberately not mentioned the swingers we passed while on our tour, and that is because rather than it being a huge orgy it was just like visiting a nightclub with lots of people chatting, laughing and just socialising. Then we were told that there was a tour going to start in a couple of minutes and we should take that. Outdoor fun indoors, which is a great idea, especially with the weather outside when we visited. This room has black lights in it, and so anything white glows, and it just looks fantastic. Our trust is stronger. But what about her thoughts on opening up the relationship? There were a lot more open areas and also a lot more swings of different types. What I learnt from a night in a swingers club0: Both of these are firm favourites of mine, and if you have never tried them, then I recommend visiting on a Saturday night and letting Ron show you the ropes. In fact, it is one of the better locations of sex, or swinger clubs, in Berlin. There were indeed couples and women present, but the group consisted mostly of single men. When we arrived at the large purple doors, it was a choice of brave the rain again or go inside. She is an uberers pseudo girlfriend. Should we fight against those sexual urges or act on them naturally with our partner by our side?

Swingers clubs reviews

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DR V visits a swingers club

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Both of these are firm favourites of mine, and if you have never tried them, then I recommend visiting on a Saturday night and letting Ron show you the ropes. They have red lights over the doors that you can switch on and large windows where you can tease viewers or entice people to join you.

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