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The semen which is ejaculated contains a tiny amount of sperm from the testes, all the rest is made by the prostate and other glands to keep the sperm alive and neutralise acids in the vagina. I think I have had it for years but I never looked into it. Spontaneous descent of the testes is rare after the age of one year and a decision to operate is usually made around this time when the diagnosis has already been made. If this is quite large it may need a subsequent operation to deal with it effectively There is a risk of damage to the testicular artery, which supplies the testicle. Either way, you should get your GP to check you over.

Testicles ache after arousal

When fertility is not an issue and the pain is not very severe then the general advice would be that the varicocele is not serious and no treatment is required. He experiences no discomfort when laying down and has no discomfort during sexual activity. The problem with trauma to the testicles is that it can cause bleeding into the testicles themselves which normally never come into direct contact with blood. First of all relax. If you are an older man who has finished having a family this might have very few consequences for you, but if you are still considering having a family you should understand that this complication might lessen your chances of fathering a child. He concluded, after blood work and other tests, that, like my mother, my average white cell count is 13,, and that, otherwise, nothing appears to be wrong. If the diagnosis is made before puberty then the testis would be brought down into the scrotum by an orchidopexy operation as described above. What questions should I be asking? This comes and goes and is worse after exercise but not immediately. Having a needle stuck into your hairy bits is not every man's idea of a good day out so it can be useful to completely remove the cyst surgically. Lately, profiled in a mirror, I have noticed that it is quite tight and high. After several months I noticed the growth or rather, the division of my left testicle. They are not the only part of the body with this strange relationship requiring all nutrients to pass through blood vessels but not the white blood cells. So I didn't need surgery or anything. It later comes back down again. You really need ultrasound examination via referral to a urologist. Within a couple of days I noticed it had reset back to how it should be when I woke up in the morning. I would ask for a follow up investigation if the pain has not resolved. He said that I had soft tissue damage and gave me some antibiotics which I cannot remember their name. One of the problems with the testicles is their peculiar status in the body which ensures they never come into direct contact with the blood. You should most definitely have them checked. Could this be a hydrocele? If you have been scanned and it happened two years ago it is nothing serious like testicular cancer. The tubes and cells which produce sperm can be badly damaged by this process and the effects can last for a long time. It feels like a muscular tension. Bringing the testicle down to the scrotum does not reduce the risk of the cancer developing, but it does make it easier to feel the scrotum and detect a cancer early if it occurs. If there was anything terrible going on over five years you would either be dead or very ill by now.

Testicles ache after arousal

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