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I do not know if this ratio applies to others. Estrogen has been consistently shown to be effective as a treatment for PMS, for postpartum depression, and for the milder mood problems associated with menopause, but not with severe menopausal depression or non-reproductive-related major depressive disorder. It is my intent to raise awareness of the effectiveness, safety, and practicality of estradiol injections in comparison to other administration methods. In other words, trans women are an at-risk population for problems like suicide, drug abuse, and AIDS, but hormone users are at no higher risk than non-users. Generally it isn't even covered by a drug plan, but at this cost it is worth buying retail with cash. It also includes a hormone-blocker used to prevent hair loss. Used as a diuretic primarily in the treatment of hypertension. Birth control containing the progestin cyproterone acetate is associated with 1. Cyproterone acetate taken alone has a negative effect on cognition in cis men, and may contribute to a slight drop in spatial rotation ability in the context of hormone therapy for trans women.

Transexual hormones

When injected into the gluteus. All of this can have a horrible impact on our co-workers or loved ones. They may also want to do checks of liver enzymes and other factors. Venous Thromboembolism The most common risk of hormone therapy in trans women is venous thromboembolism. Generally, using a wall mirror is a good idea. However, generally speaking its effect are subtle. Unfortunately, it also tends to make us a bit incorrigible as we accentuate our experience — aka - the placebo effect. You want the slowest possible drug uptake, so that the initial surge of estrogen is minimized and spread out over hours or days. You are invited to share this paper with doctors -- there is verifiable peer-reviewed medical information here some doctors are known to be unaware of. In that event, at least keep in mind that self medication with injectables is, at least, provably safer for cardiovascular health than using oral estrogens. Benefits of Hormone Therapy: Cyproterone acetate taken alone has a negative effect on cognition in cis men, and may contribute to a slight drop in spatial rotation ability in the context of hormone therapy for trans women. A review of twenty-seven responses to an online survey of FTM hormone use and surgery indicate most are taking low to normal amounts of testosterone, and none of the 27 reviewed were taking anti-estrogens or progestogens. Even for those who must pay cash and obtain the lowest possible cost hormones, you can get a better known hormone from a more reputable source for less money. Thrombosis — Formation of a thrombus— platelets, fibrin, and pieces of other cells— that obstruct a blood vessel at the place where the thrombus is formed. I don't do it for breast growth - I'm actually larger than I want to be already, though it is kind of fun to be this large. Keep in mind I have been on estrogens for over 25 years and already have large breasts. In 7 out of 10 trans women on estrogen, there was no spermatogenesis. Learning the reasons why this is so required a great deal of reading and research -- and even some self experimentation. HRT will soften male facial features Men usually have more rugged facial features than women. Estradiol injection may also have safety advantages giving it the best benefit-to-risk ratio of all estrogen administration methods. Altered Sexual Patterns Estrogen treatment inhibits sexual activity, spontaneous erections, and nocturnal penile tumescence. Such outbursts can cause you to lose your job or loved ones. Other methods such as sublingual pills give "pulses" of estrogen, with a large surge which falls off quickly to a low level. There are four main places your doctor has been trained to use for IM injections. This may be due to higher prolactin levels.

Transexual hormones

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For this and the second reason, the injection method remains most effective in practical application. Of eleven survey respondents who used DHEA without testosterone, no one reported more than slightly noticeable results.

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