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With so much level ground along the waterfront of the gorgeous Tuross Lake, Glenda and Peter's farm will be popular but never overcrowded. As far as 'value' is concerned, some have found it a tad expensive for just a couple while others with a party if six thinks it's great value. We get little visitors like possums and bush rats in the kitchen and there's usually lots of birds hanging around and occasionally wallabies and kangaroos pass through. Paul Franco 07 Jan at Pictures hardly tell the story of the lakeside site - a truly beautiful part of the world. They were so welcoming; the site was clean, beautiful and expansive. They have a beautiful location straight on Tuross Lake and easily assessable right off the highway. Due to recent comments I'd also like to stress, there is no air conditioning.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, many thanks Stu. Not to mention the indoor potbelly too as it was starting to get a little chilly at night but perfect days. The Jarrah kitchen is outside on a big timber deck, under cover of course, and sheltered from the southerlies. Great camp sites and excellent views. Because it's not really a house, like a normal house, and because there's a real "outside-inside" feel and because most people spend their time sitting on the kitchen deck or around the fire pit, it became known as the "Camp House". I have found over the past five years hosting on airbnb that this place is a good compromise for families and groups who are divided on whether they want to rough it at a campsite or stay in a place where you can be very comfortable. They were so welcoming; the site was clean, beautiful and expansive. We stayed during Earth Hour so all lights went off, the candles were burning and the outdoor fire was blazing. Stu was great at giving us information and he was always available. So the Camp House features lots of beautiful recycled hardwood timber that used to be joists and bearers from old homes and it's lined with lime washed plantation hoop pine. We don't have a regular cleaner because it's fairly remote and therefore we found the expense only makes it much more costly for you, the guest. Sometimes the Kookaburras will come and steal food from right under your nose, WHILE you are cooking and there will be mosquitos sometimes and moths and beetles. There is the master loft with queen size bed upstairs which offers beautiful views of the forest and two small and cosy bedrooms downstairs two single beds and a double. You are living in the elements just like if you were camping but there's very comfortable beds and a beautiful big bathtub. It takes about four minutes to get to Congo Beach by car. Jodie Maddocks 12 Jan at We will definitely be staying there again. The Roosters next door have finally departed fortunately. Just to be absolutely clear, the Camp House is not 'on' the beach but it's close. Very important to note here We really like that mostly the people who stay understand and appreciate what we have tried to create here and so far everyone has treated the Camp House and the forest with great respect. The kitchen is open air but well protected from the elements. Due to recent comments I'd also like to stress, there is no air conditioning. Its simple, unhurried, peaceful and at nights we generally sit around the fire and talk or play music. It's very much a bush experience and not for those expecting Hyatt style luxury.


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Forest Lake Close, Turlinjah

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Stu was great at giving us information and he was always available.

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