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Please call toll-free You keep pieces of yourself private and this can often get in the way, leaving you never feeling truly connected. However, at times we may come across some unemotional ones, so what happens when you date an unemotional girl? So such a woman would simply move ahead and tackle her difficulties by herself. She knows what she wants and she is doing what she wants to. She can take care of her own problems and she does not need you for everything.

Unemotional women

Understanding an unemotional girlfriend will tell you that such women are not clingy by nature. Please call toll-free Because you have a hard time expressing yourself verbally to others, you probably find other outlets. I, for one, have — and do on more than one occasion. An unemotional woman does not place her mood before everyone else, and so she is practical. An unemotional girl will most often shut herself down and not care to share what she is thinking or feeling, and that in turn will save all the melodrama. Making deep, lasting connections with people is very hard for you. Dating an unemotional woman can cause you to wonder why she is like that, but in the long run these women are the best companions because they will not bother you with their constant emotional turmoil. Tears are a rare thing for you, and you often internalize things until you can properly examine and understand them. You feel like you suck at comforting others… And it makes you silently hate yourself. But, even when I was growing up — and before the drugs and alcohol — I felt somehow different. Although most people find comfort being around others when they are experiencing these emotions, and although part of you thinks you probably would too you find it difficult to open up and therefore make yourself vulnerable. You frequently find yourself the emotional protector of your female friends. Though they might love you and care about you but they might have a hard time showing it. You often wish you knew the perfect thing to say in order to make your friends and loved ones feel better but you usually feel like you fall short of the mark. Tears, of sadness or joy, are a rare thing for you. Unemotional girls are not clingy in nature. An unemotional girl is honest and brutal with her feelings; there is no half way to love and relationship. There is no clinginess One thing that can scare men is a clingy woman, a woman who cannot take a step without her man. She does not want what others have Many women tend to be inspired by their peers and friends; they want to have the life others lead. They love sincerely as they do not get impressed very easily. You keep pieces of yourself private and this can often get in the way, leaving you never feeling truly connected. You seriously suck at comforting people and it makes you silently hate yourself. It is balls to the walls, over the moon and maybe a little irrational. Unemotional women know what they want and are not confused. You like people, but you tend to like them at a distance and somewhat superficially. Deeply emotional proclamations of love and affection are your personal hell.

Unemotional women

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It is balls to the walls, over the moon and maybe a little irrational.

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