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Centuries ago, studies revealed that men are turned on by appearance and women are turned on by touch. Hair with a pleasing texture that is styled and colored nicely. Plenty of curves in all the right places. Those of us with legs on the shorter side myself included need some validation in this department! Some had specific eye requirements such as the color.

What are guys attracted to physically

We want to hear from both sides of the coin. Eyes — Aaaahhhh, yes the eyes, windows to the soul. Who would have thought??? I have to admit so did I. In fact, shorter legs have shorter muscles and are able to bulk up a whole lot more than a longer pair of gams because they have longer muscles and will never look as shapely as a shorter pair of gams. What it All Means None of this should really come as a surprise to anyone. Does this scene look familiar to you Sadly, yes. Killer eyes that communicate a lot. I must admit though that I was shocked when I did the research via the internet reading blogs etc. Men — how important is appearance to you? And thanks for reading too — Let us know your thoughts in the comments. I was surprised men even included this as something physically important. Let me know what you think! Women — how importance is appearance to you? However, as time passes, men age, and relationships grow, feelings change. Seeing this as number four on the list clarifies this is sooo many ways. It appears guys do care about things like appearance and physical attraction. While the need for physical attraction may fade, where does that leave men and women who are just starting a relationship? Was it pretty close to the actual list or way off? However, they do expect to find an eye-catching cover with a really great story inside. Not if the men prefer a Latina look then of course they said they liked the dark hair, dark eyes combo. Face — Okay, so you must admit this probably comes to no surprise to you as far as where this lands on the list. I figured they would just stick to the fleshy parts. It is the age old question: Some even commented they liked the feel of natural breasts over fake boobies.

What are guys attracted to physically

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Surprising Traits Men Find Attractive

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Was it pretty close to the actual list or way off? Unless of course your that good and can make a mental list.

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